By Martin Guevara

Fidel y el Che. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — The Revolution had entered this impasse that even couples experience after their initial lust, rumbling around on sofas and beds. It was facing dilemmas about which path to take to leave this Utopian island behind and to concentrate on the harsh differences that reality posed. Saying goodbye to the innocence and mystery of new horizons, there would no longer be any more passion filled kisses under the lighthouse or lingerie bitten to shreds.

The cold phase of the relationship had arrived and the frozen USSR was watching on. Years ago, Che had got into bed with Fidel in the center of messianic illusion, giving way to the lava of their inner volcano in an activity that was far more dangerous than writing, than observing, than mountain climbing, than flying a plane or rugby, global subversion using the people’s will.

They walked along parallel paths, with their own light, although it came from different places. Ernesto accepted Fidel’s leadership, but he didn’t stop pointing out the ideas that he felt were the right ones to build liberté, égalité and fraternité in the Americas at every step of the way and he criticized those who clashed with his initial ideas.

The Revolution triumphed with erotic power, enjoying unconditional love; they were the forefathers of the rock aesthetic, bearded with long hair and not very clean, working-class, rebels and disobedient, educated at fine schools, holding altruistic ideas; they just needed music, hedonism and Bacchus’ love; they had plenty of gunpowder, their willpower spread rampantly and there was a surplus testosterone, but they still romanticized. Then, they faced the plateau phase that takes place just before climaxing in the worst possible way.

Fidel, in a frenzy, lost his mind with those who shadowed him and reminded him that the revolutionary project was inclusive and democratic; Ernesto didn’t just obey his Comandante while at the firing squad, when it came to the economy or voluntary work. Romance had already become routine, there were far too many gentrified bellies and the sound of guns firing was needed, the comfort of new lands plagued with injustice as an excuse to say goodbye and welcome a new love.

Born so that his asthma would recklessly push him forward, only Goethe, Verlaine, Luis Felipe and Sartre could understand his burden.

Satisfaction was unlikely, like in Tomas Moro’s Utopia, just like creativity in art before being betrayed by the full stop, by the last stroke, laying down the chisel, when it rejects its capacity to transform and becomes an object.

Che, like Pieta Rondanini by Miguel Angel, remained in the limbo of the impossible, above the wave crest, against the wind, in the highest point that the sea allows, and he didn’t disappear among the sea foam and whirlpools like Fidel and water, who were so wise and adaptable.

However, from the heart of Africa, the bonfire led to barren land; he had just lost his mother in faraway Argentina, how would he keep his motor going? She had passed away in great pain without shedding a single tear, her only plea was to ask over and over again:

Do you have any news about Ernestito? Nobody knew where he was.

She left for another dimension on one of her other son’s birthdays, who weren’t absent like Ernesto, but who weren’t visible either.

The USSR was no longer Bolshevik, Fidel was no longer a rebel and Che’s motor needed more fuel to take another path; coming back to nothing, the Templar’s last stab, Rocinante’s last gallop trying to find the windmill and Dulcinea.

His image is constantly traveling about on t-shirts and wallets along with Marley, Lennon and Hendricks, his anxiety immortalized.

Finally, he reached Utopia.

25 thoughts on “Do you have any news about Ernestito?

  • As an unpleasant postscript to this debate:
    In Austria, the country of Hitler’s birth, a right wing capitalist party has remained in power by partnering in coalition with an extreme far-right party.
    In this disturbing new development the so called ‘Freedom Party’ (founded in 1956 by a former Nazi SS Officer) becomes the only far right party in government in Western Europe.

  • You have a lot of knowledge Mr MacD.
    But there is also a certain amount of knowledge that is apparently beyond your reach.
    Not because you are thick (Coz you obviously ain’t).
    But because you are set in your ways and refuse to reach for it.
    You have a firm viewpoint. Then you select certain facts that back up your viewpoint and refuse to accept those that don’t.
    You quote historical figures entirely outside of the context of the era because your ambition is not to analyse history, but to re-inforce your firm viewpoint.
    Which is all fine by me as nobodys perfect (least of all myself I’m sure).
    Wish you a happy festive season and an enjoyable time with your family in the Pearl of the Caribbean.

  • Well Nick you are steadily moving away from my original introductory remarks about the blind hatred that drove both Dr, Ernesto Guevara and Fidel Castro into trying to equate capitalism with fascism. It doesn’t work! I stand by everything I wrote. The quotations I gave by both men are factual. You suggest that those quotations are out of context because you cannot abide the truth about your evident heroes.
    As usual you endeavor to have your cake and eat it by writing:

    “I am as skeptical of communism as I am regarding right wing capitalism.”

    That discloses the truth Nick, you are a true skeptic, continuously doubting the knowledge that others have and you yourself do not possess.

    With that I must bid you adieu, I have to prepare for going home late next week!

  • Although it would be completely incredulous to most people, if you are actually refusing to acknowledge the many historical overlaps between right wing capitalism and fascism then it is clearly you who are in deep denial.
    And you have a very large blind spot if you are unable to recognise the fact that fascism is currently on the rise in the USA and Europe (sadly they are very much encouraged by the views and actions current incumbent of the White House).

    I don’t think any of my comments are particularly defending ‘the policies, actions and expressions of communism’ as you put it.
    I am as skeptical of communism as I am regarding right wing capitalism (with it’s historic and current links to fascism which you deny).

    I think you just like to accuse me of this because it’s easier than examining your comfortable old ‘good vs evil’ worldview.
    They make plenty of excellent ‘good vs evil’ movies.
    Hollywood and Bollywood are experts in this format.
    It has been a theme of tales and stories since the dawn of time.

    The facts are somewhat more complex.

    But we wouldn’t ever want the facts to get in the way of a good story do we Mr MacD?

  • There you go again claiming to be balanced whilst endeavoring to deny, deny, deny and defend the policies, actions and expressions of communism. Time as you will know Nick, doesn’t change in the communist world, for communists are stuck in the groove of 19th century Marxist bunkum.

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