Fidel Castro Writes Venezuela’s Maduro

Nicolas Maduro in Havana with Fidel Castro.  File photo: Estudios Revolución
Nicolas Maduro in Havana with Fidel Castro. File photo: Estudios Revolución

HAVANA TIMES — Fidel Castro, the top advisor to the government of his brother Raul Castro, published today as the top story in all Cuban media, an open letter to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

In his message, Fidel praises the loyalty and discipline of the Venezuelan Armed Forces in these moments of tension with the United States.

The following is the complete message from Fidel to Maduro:

Honorable President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro:

As the press has reported, tomorrow Tuesday March 17, an Alba Summit will take place in Caracas to analyze the outrageous policy of the United States government toward Venezuela and Alba.

The idea of creating this organization came from Chávez himself, wanting to share with his Caribbean brothers and sisters the enormous economic resources with which nature had blessed his native homeland, the benefits of which had however landed in the hands of powerful U.S. corporations, and a few Venezuelan millionaires.

Corruption and squandering were the fundamental motivations of the first oligarchy with fascist tendencies, addicted to violence and crime. The violence and crime committed against the heroic Venezuelan people was so intolerable that it can never be forgotten, and a return will never be allowed to the shameful past of the pre-revolutionary era which led to attacks on commercial centers and the murder of thousands of people, the number of which no one can today confirm.

Simón Bolívar devoted himself entirely to liberating the continent. More than half of the best of his people struggled and died over long years of uninterrupted fighting. With less than 1% of the world’s surface area, Venezuela possesses the world’s greatest oil reserves. For a full century, the country was obliged to produce all the fuel which European powers and the United States needed. Even when today, the hydrocarbons produced over millions of years could be consumed in no more than a century, and human beings, who today number 7.2 billion, will double within 100 more years, and in 200 will reach 21 billion. Only the marvels of the most advanced technology may perhaps allow the survival of the human species for a little more time.

Why are the fabulous means of communication not used to inform and educate about these realities, instead of promoting trickery, which every one in their right mind should recognize?

An Alba Summit cannot be held without taking into account these realities which are so close to us.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has stated in a very precise manner that it has always been disposed to talk with the United States, in a peaceful and civilized fashion, but will never tolerate threats or impositions on the part of this country.

I add that I have been able to observe the attitude, not only of the people of Bolivar and Chávez, but also a special circumstance: the exemplary discipline and spirit of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces. Whatever U.S. imperialism may do, it will never be able to count on them to do what they did for so many years. Today Venezuela can count on the best equipped soldiers and officers in Latin America.

When you met with officers recently, it was evident that they were ready to give their last drop of blood for the homeland.

A fraternal embrace for all Venezuelans, the peoples of Alba, and for you.

Fidel Castro Ruz
March 16, 2015

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9 thoughts on “Fidel Castro Writes Venezuela’s Maduro

  • Moses save your own goddamn country first, we have plenty of issues here in the U.S, there’s nothing wrong with solidarity with the people, and bottom to top organizations,

    but please please stop trying to justify u.s foreign policy

  • You think Ma (burro) is a great WORLD leader? Hahahahahahahaha!

  • Oil is not the answer, education and technology will win in the long run.

  • Nice try but the stench of a failed regime grows stronger around Mr. Maduro. To save the Chavez revolution, Maduro needs to go.

  • Support from one great world leader to another .

  • You need to check your facts. The coup that Chavez led wasn’t a success. He had to surrender and was imprisoned for several years. He then successfully won the presidential election to get into power.

  • This letter is a not-so-veiled attempt at a pep talk for the Venezuelan military. Maduro has already provided gifts of cars and houses to the military leadership to help consolidate his control over the armed services. Now a letter from Fidel. He must be hearing grumblings from the ranks. After all, these military leaders all have family who feel the impact of the disastrous economy and the increase in street violence. Keep in mind that the last successful military coup was led by a lowly Colonel Chavez. Venezuelans on the street understand that there is no real threat coming from the US. The lack of milk, flour and toilet paper is the problem. Not the threat of invading US marines.

  • There is no threat from the US and Obama. Maduro is looking for excuses for his poor economic policies which are causing shortages of basic needs. He is desperately trying to hold on to power.

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