Getting the Cuban People’s Pesos into the Government Banks

Cash to the banks! The direction of the Cuban economy.

By Matraca / El Toque

HAVANA TIMES – The illustrations in this issue of Matraca are inspired by the effort of the Cuban government to restrict the flow of cash currency in the country. Other topics in our graphic humor section are the inconceivable police summons of a three-year-old girl related to political prisoner Idael Naranjo, and also the approaching date of August 13th, Fidel Castro’s birthday.

Where are they?
The Central Bank of Cuba
And now the “Corralito” (frozen bank deposits).
What backpedaling? I see everything unchanged… Your seeing everything inverted.
Everything is ready for the interrogation, and let her know that this is NOT a threat!
Happy August 13th Cubans!

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One thought on “Getting the Cuban People’s Pesos into the Government Banks

  • Whether in the possession of Cubans, Cuban banks or the Communist regime, Cuban pesos have an ever diminishing value. Eventually like the German mark of the Weimar Republic, a barrowload of pesos will be required to purchase a bar of soap – if one can be found!

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