I am Tania in Cuba; in Spain, I’m Pablo

Yasser Farrés Delgado

Pablo Iglesias of the Podemos party in Spain

HAVANA TIMES — I support the action sought by Tania Bruguera in Cuba in the same way I support the demands represented in Spain by Pablo Iglesias (of Podemos); understanding that there is no contradiction between supporting one and the other. Freedom of expression is an inalienable right that we should allow whatever the opinion that is presented and the reasons why it is done.

Pablo Iglesias puts a face on a social movement that speaks out against castes and their corrupt public policies that do not take people’s views into account. Tania Bruguera has not tried anything but the same. In that sense, I understand the past performances of Tatlin’s Whisper are for Tania what editions of The Tuerka are to Pablo Iglesias.

In Spain, the conservative PP government recently approved the “Gag Law” criminalizing social protest; in Cuba, the clamp down has been the law for 56 years.

Tanya Bruguera

Nevertheless, I distrust both Tania and Pablo because history shows that every liberation movement tends to turn into a controller/oppressor, as Boaventura de Sousa Santos explained in “To decolonize the west. Beyond abyssal thinking” (2010). But since I share with José Martí faith in human betterment, I understand the need to give the opportunity to another.

Giving an opportunity doesn’t mean delegate our responsibility as citizens nor does it mean limiting social action to a sporadic vote as the politicians would like. Giving an opportunity means consensus building not letting the politicians set the agenda.

Paul gets his chance; Let’s let Tania have hers too. The Cuban government intends to throw her off the Island. Let’s support her even more now, all movements: leftwing, rightwing, anarchists and independent men and women, both inside and outside the island.

¡A Cuba with all and for the good of all!