I Hate You

Rosa Martinez

Capitol Hill, Washington. D.C.  Photo: wikipedia.org
Capitol Hill, Washington. D.C. Photo: wikipedia.org

HAVANA TIMES — Before anything else, I would like to offer my apologies to all U.S. citizens, particularly to those who are against war and terrorism. This post is in no way aimed at them. It is, rather, aimed at their government.

As a child, I was taught to love the world, nature, my country and people who were different, not only in terms of skin color, but also in what they thought or how they behaved. My parents, a housewife and carpenter, were simple, kind-hearted folk who instilled in me a love for human differences.

This is the main reason I have never felt hatred towards the people of the United States and am against any stance of this nature. The second reason is very simple indeed: I have many friends there, and many Cubans reside in the United States, having emigrated there for different reasons. Thirdly, it would be unjust to apply the same label to all Americans, indiscriminately.

What I do feel is unrelenting hatred towards their government, hatred so profound that sometimes I think I will go on feeling it even after I’m dead. And it has nothing to do with the stupid and failed blockade with which it has tried to starve my people to death, nor with its defamatory campaigns against Cuba, that island we seek to portray, truthfully, in Havana Times.

My hatred does not stem from the scarcity of footwear I have endured throughout my life, or the scarcity of medical supplies which affects many Cuban children who suffer from chronic illnesses, both caused by the cursed blockade.

My hatred towards our northern neighbor has but one cause: death itself. The deaths of thousands of people across the world, of people who have been wiped out in times of peace and in times of war. I hate the U.S. government for Hiroshima and Nagasaki, for Vietnam, for Iraq.

I hate them because of the terror they spread, for the over a thousand military bases they have installed across the globe, bases which remind us just how much they need wars.

I hate them for the deaths of Che Guevara and Salvador Allende, and even for Chávez’ death, though their involvement in his untimely passing has not yet been proven. I hate them for the many mothers who have lost their children, in the United States and other parts of the world.

I hate them for the young Cubans they murdered in Barbados and those they have murdered on our own soil. I hate them for the Guantanamo Naval Base, for all the torture and for the many affronts on humanity. For all of this, I hate the United States.

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  • Why were Russian advisors and Cuban armies in Africa? Why did Russian pilots fly Egyptian MIGs in the1967 War?Why did Castro send a tank battalion to Syria in 1973? Why did Russian pilots fly MIGs for the North Koreans in 1950? Why was Russia in Czechoslovakia in 1968, in Hungary in 1956? Why did Russia put nuclear missiles in Cuba?

    The South Vietnamese dictatorship killed thousands, yes. But so did the North Vietnamese dictatorship. Do you condemn one side but excuse the other?

  • For your information, I’ve been to Europe and Cuba. In Cuba I saw the poverty and decay. I witnessed the systemic racism & state oppression. I heard the empty state propaganda and the bitter lament of the Cuban people. That is how I came to the firm conclusion that the Cuban revolution was a fraud perpetrated by one man’s unbridled egotism.

    You & Luis never even bother to debate facts, preferring to make personal attacks on me and lame attempts to discredit the sources I link to. I will leave it to intelligent readers to inform themselves and come to their own conclusions.

  • and this Czech instutute; yeah nice creation of Radio Free Europe, CIA´s propaganda radio amd the CIA himself.

  • You fogot to mention this this paper about alleged summary executions is not the point of view neither of the UNHCR nor of the UN. So what are you trying to proove. I mean that you are obesessedly anti socialist is clear. So just admit it and stop with some phony documents- I`m also very pleased that you are so worried about my relation with our neighbouring countries. You repeat always stereotypically the same lthany. I never defended Stalinism but in your antisocialist delirium you might not have noted it. Alltogther it seems to me that you are not to much aware of European politics, especially of Eastern Europe.

  • In Canada we refer to that event as the War of 1812. There were several battles in Canada as well as in the US.

    Your denials that the Eastern European Communists did not execute anybody is ridiculous. I am sure the people of Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Romania and Bulgaria are heartened to know that an Austrian Marxist, who had the good fortune to live outside the Iron Curtain, fully supports their oppressors and takes the brave position of denying their love ones were executed. The oppression & executions are very well documented. The political execution in Czechoslovakia are documented here:


    The Castro regime did indeed carry out summary executions. In 2003, the United Nations International Commission of Jurists condemned Cuba for summary executions.


    Dr. Biscet was first jailed in 1999, then again in 2002 and 2003. He was finally released in 2011. Multiple international human rights organizations had called for his release. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2007. Many other noteworthy people have received this medal over the years including Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez: they must be “extreme rightists”, too by your reckoning.

    Dr. Biscet has called for democracy, human rights and non-violent political change in Cuba. Perhaps you can read his material and describe what exactly you object to in his positions. Are you against democracy, human rights and non-violence?

    Well ok, by your previous comments, as a Marxist you are all for violent political change so long as it is away from democracy and freedom toward a Marxist dictatorship which violates human rights.

  • Again you didn`t read. Did I write any where that Castro`s revolutionaries carried out summary executions? You are just trying to twist things around to get to your propaganda speeches. In the Czech rebellion there were lots of Communists , too. Above all Alexander Dubcek, Secretary of the Central Comitte of the PCK. So don´t twist around things again.Your murderous Communist dictarorship is another one of your propaganda brainwash terms. Being an Austrian I have been to the socialist neighbouring countries many times ( to some of them we did not even need a visa ( Hungary, Bukgaria, Polans, Romania). I guess more often than you. So keep you horror stories for yourself. As far as History: should be known to you that this was the period of the so called Madison`s war. The 2nd war iof independence 1812-14. !4 the National US Anthem was written, As you should know.

  • So why did he get the medal of Bush? Or dor you call Bush a socialist now ?

  • The problem of the US is that they would not tolerate any kind of socialist government any place. Even though if it were just socialdemocrate. We experienced this enough in Europe in the 70 and 80. Look back to the conflicts the US had with the Swedish ( Olof Palme) and also the Austrian chancellor Bruno Kreisky. The problem is, that people in the US are so indoctrinated and brainwashed by their mass-media, stupid anti-socialist Hollywood Productions etc. that everything that sounds the slightes socialist to them is like a horror vision. Griffin is the best example to me propagating these cliches about Socialism. And as most Americans can`t afford getting out of their country, you can imagine how wide their horizon is. Maybe thats one of the reasons, they are not allowed to go to Cuba, because after all they might come home and think that it was not at all the hell tthat it was painted to them throughout decades.

  • I always thought that the US were situated in North America, So what the hell were they doing in Asia? You`re just on the defense again of your colonial wars. Forgetting that in South Vietnam there was a bloody dictatorial regime which had asassinated thousands of people, But of course supported by the US.

  • All of this didn`t give you the right to test your nuclear potential on civilians.

  • Human Rights Watch…forget it. And Amnesty – although in general I´m a supporter of amnesty – had to correct their reports on Cuba.

  • your answer doesn`t really hit the point, Because you forgot to mention the States first of all in the illustre row.. Second of all neither nore. In better shape? Look what happens in Irak, in Lybia, in Syria, in Afghanistan, Egypt, where your “friend” Mubarak reigned for a 30 years. Wherever you put your dirty fingers in , the world burns. So stay home in front of your TVs, watching basball, stuffing your faces with hamburgers, french fries and icecream with whipped cream, drink your coke and leave us in peace.

  • For the record, my political orientation is centre-right, voting either Liberal or Conservative in Canada. Moses is Democrat and a big fan of Obama, easily the most left of any US president. Neither of us are “extreme righties”.

  • “Liberators become oppressors, that’s nothing new.” Do you rather be oppressed by the Taliban or the likes of Stalin, Qadafi, Hussein, Hitler? The choice is yours. One thing is true, people in countries “oppressed” by the US are in much better shape then the alternative (Korea – North Korea being prime example).

  • No amount of right-wing revisionism will change the FACT that the US was the aggressor in the Second Indochina War. Yes, it was ‘naked imperialist aggression’. Nothing more, nothing less. You on the other hand INSIST on the ‘body count’ or ‘who’s more evil’ trolling bullshit that ac has already taken care of previously.

  • I think your title–not to mention your comments–have generated more responses than most on Yoanni’s “Generacion Y!” Unlike her site, the readers of Havana Times reflect a larger spectrum of opinions, ranging from lefties like myself to extreme righties like Griffin and Moses. I don’t think you have to make any appologies for “hating,” Rosa! After all, a love for JUSTICE goes hand-in-hand with a HATRED for INJUSTICE. Despite their many faults, those who made the Revolution of ’59 (and before thethose who struggle in the many wars for independence in the 19th Century, and who made the revolution against Machado in 1933, etc.) had a great love for justice; they realized that no political justice could come to fruition without economic justice, too. At least they had the courage to try, rather than just stand on the sidelines and criticize. It will be up to succeeding generations, as well as future generations, to make corrections in the Revolution, and they are, and will. In the meantime, don’t be afraid to “hate.” Nothing is wrong with an informed hatred. In the end, however, as Che said, LOVE is the basis oof any real revolutionary!

  • Fine. Now you admit that Castro’s revolutionaries carried out summary executions. But you insist these were all good killings and nobody innocent was executed, even if they didn’t receive due process. All is fair in Marxist revolution?

    Remind me again, who were the Czechs rebelling against in the Velvet Revolution? Oh right, the murderous Communist dictatorship forced on them by the USSR and the Warsaw Pact.

    Which “war of independence 1814” are you referring to, the Peninsular War?

  • So in your mind, a man who calls for democracy and human rights in Cuba is “an extreme right winger”? Dr. Biscet had suffered years in Castro’s prisons before Bush had ever heard of him.

    For more evidence of human rights abuses in Cuba, including torture, I encourage you to consult annual reports issued by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, amongst others.


  • The US intervened in Vietnam because they saw the Communist Viet Minh was gaining power with Soviet support. This was the during the Cold War, so they fought back to stop it, just as the US had intervened in Korea. You may consider the US motivation nothing more than naked imperialist aggression, but you are naive if you think the Russians and the Chinese had any kinder intentions for the Vietnamese and North Koreans.

  • one little question : what dis the US have to seek in Vietnam to begin with?

  • There certainly are plenty of reasons to hate the USA. However, Rosa’s essay was unbalanced and ignorant of historical facts. To say she hated the USA because of Hiroshima, while not mentioning the Japanese Imperial Army and the millions of innocent civilians they murdered is morally and intellectually inexcusable.

  • Have you ever seen any revolution where no blood was shed? ( maybe at the exception of the so called velvet revolution in the Czech republic). How many people did you kill in your war of independence 1814? But I guess that capitalist bloodshed is different from socialist one .

  • great. another extreme right winger ond one of Bushes chouchous. Any more of those ” witnesses”?

  • And you are from the moon, Luis.

    I did not justify the us intervention in Vietnam, I explained the context and pointed out the fact that the the North Vietnamese side also committed war crimes and atrocities.

    If one were to believe the fairy tales told by Leftists, then Vietnam was a quiet peaceful happy country until one day out of the blue the evil hated USA appeared out of the blue and invaded the whole country slaughtering everybody. Tragically, the world is a much more complicated place than that.

  • Just drop it Luis. Makes no difference. Whether he`s a canadian ( which I don`t believe either) or a US – American. Important to me is the fact that he hates socialists. Your absolutely right as far as the absuse of “American” by the US. Psychologically it shows, that they consider themselves being ” the” ( super) Americans ore the only ( true) Americans. Another superiority claim.

  • You don’t know how to interpret what one says – you PAINT the Vietcong and everyone Marx-related as the devil’s rejects.

    I don’t ‘need’ you to be ‘American’, you ARE from the USA. Canadian you are not. If you say that in Canada the terms ‘America’ and ‘Americans’ are pejorative, why do you justify their aggression/intervention in Vietnam for example? It’s a propaganda/troll thingy of yours to make believe you are not from the USA and try to pass as a ‘balanced’ person. Far from it.

  • Iraq and Afghanistan now have democracies, thanks to US interventions. I don’t suggest the countries are peaceful and secure. But they do have multiparty elections which have been certified by UN observers.

  • ac, I don’t dispute the facts you cited above. I merely point out your account is completely one-sided. You have not mentioned a single atrocity or war crime committed by the North Vietnamese Army and the Viet Cong. The North committed numerous brutal atrocities, beginning long before the US became involved. Vietnamese civilians were often the targets of these war crimes by the Communist forces.


    You, Luis & Rosa blame only the US and turn a blind eye to the well documented and extensive war crimes committed by the NVA and the Viet Cong. Then you turn around and accuse me of denying atrocities committed by the US military in Vietnam, which I never denied.

    You are engaging in a clear example of denial and projection, a remarkably common psychological defensive mechanism among Leftists.

  • Let me tell you about my countrymen, Luis. The majority of Canadians are centre-left politically, with a strong anti-American streak. We refer to the country south of us as either “America”, “the US” or “the States”. We refer to the people as Americans or Yanks. Canadians will often use the term “American” in a somewhat pejorative tone and an opposition politician who wants to cast a given policy in a negative light will call it “American style (fill in the blank).”

    As Canadians, we do not refer to ourselves as American, or even North American, although geographically speaking Canada is obviously part of the North American continent.

    I do t know why you need me to be American, and I am sorry to disappoint you, but I am Canadian, born & raised here, and I have lived in Toronto my entire adult life.

    I didn’t call the Vietcong the devils rejects, that was your term, but if the shoe fits… The atrocities committed by the Vietcong are as well documented as Mai Lai. But unlike the American soldiers who carried out that horrible war crime, the Vietcong have never been prosecuted. Once again, when a Communist army commits a war crime, they get a free pass from their fellow Leftists.

  • No, you didn’t said a WORD about the halted free elections that were supposed to be held and the puppet regime the US installed in the South.

    The propagandist here is you.

  • ‘Anectodal’ stories are just like that, they are not taken seriously by anyone. Not even by the Cuban mafia in Miami. On the other hand, even during the military dictatorship in my country there was proof that systematic torture was going on. Uncle Sam knew this, by the way, but he’s so GOOD he didn’t care.

  • Operation Barbarossa started on 22. June 41. I can`t see, what you want to tell by this. Or did the US come to help the Sioviets? No, Roosevelt was following till the declaration of war to the US by NAZI Germany and Italy on 11.12.1941 a neutral course, allowing Germany to attack the Soviet Union, while the US, although being neutral already had pushed and given aid to the Western forces, to avoid that the Soviets might win the war.

  • John alltogether there was only in the last century over a 200 Us- American military interventions. Just to round things up.

  • Don`t tell me anything about Austrian history please. What was Austria happy for? The biggest part of Austria was liberated by the Red army and not by the Us American troops. Sure the US Americans do have their merits in the liberation of our country, no doubt. But let`s have a closer look: Austria is a Federal Republic with nine federal states. Just 1 1/2 of these federal states was the US-American zone till 1955. This was Salzburg and half of Upper Austria. The biggest part of Vienna ( it was divides in 4) was th Soviet Zone, as well as all of LOwer Austria ( the largest federal state), The Burgenland and half of Upper Austria. The biggest tribute to the liberation of our country from the Nazi occupation was done by the Red Army as they payed the highest price during World War 2, as you certainly know. If you call Hitler my countryman ( I guess it is meant as a little cut), well he was ( unfortunately) born in Austria. Whether you could call him Austrian, I doubt it. Above all he was a traitor of the country. But I guess that´s another discussion.

  • first of all I don`t watch you stupid Hollywood production , being atrtistically crap for a 98 %. Second of all: you can shove your music. If I listen to US American music it Any trashy Cuban movie has a 100% higher artistic level than your stupid cliche`productions. is basically Afro US American , cause most of the famous “Amerivcan” singers are not US Americans anyways. They make their money rere. And that`s it. As far as Us american Products, no one in Continental Europe needs any of this shit anyways nor would buy it en masse. As far as you help: keep it for you. We prefer. Your problem simply is, that you do not w a n t to understand anything. And as far to your reference what you call the Cuban heap: still havent gotten it, that this heap is very much linked to the shit you produce ? Man open your eyes for once!

  • That`s what I tried to show. Even a bis amount most of people though not being socialist or , can´t stand the Us Americans . And these fatal politics of the Club of millionaires on Capitol hill is ( unfortunately) projected on the whole of the American people. But alsopeople outside of the US are affected by these politics, also not participating in any ” joint-venture” adventures of the US, nor military or politically. Just think about f.e. these severe airport controls, more and more surveillance, banking business etc. which limits the liberties of citizens more and more

  • Although I have friends who are tax protesters, and I respect their form of resistance, I prefer other methods of withdrawing my support of the machine. In such head-to-head confrontations with the state, the latter, with its superior powers of terror and intimidation, always wins. Part of my power, albeit modest, is to avoid enriching the monopolistic corporations by boycotting their products and services whenever possible and supporting local farmers, cooperatives and small, independent merchants. Another is by sowing the seeds of skepticism and critical analysis amongst my students (never by being too preachy, of course, but rather through the judicious use of irony and skepticism). Alone, of course, I have no illusions about bringing down the evil empire anytime soon. Little-by-little, person-by-person, however, it will be brought down. After all, the monopolistic coorporations can, and do, buy off our cheap politicians, and are able to coopt individual foks, including former activists. However, to paraphrase Lincoln, they can’t buy off, or corrupt, all of the people all of the time. While manny foks are bamboozled by the corporate media, ever more see that “our” government is only interested in protecting the interests of their corporate masters. If we study history on a deeper level, we see that, while at its height, the Roman Empire could raise many legions from the native tribes of the Italian penninsula, towards the end, they could barely raise a few thousand, and had to rely ever more on mercinarias recruited from the barbaric tribes on the Empire’s margins. When these mercinary legions discovered the weakness of their “masters,” they begain fighting each other for the spoils. I suspect there will be a variation on this theme as our own evil empire goes down the toilet In the meantime, most of us have no stake in “our’ government, which has become one for and by the corporations, not the people, as origninally intended. I have nothing in common with my government. It is utterly alien to me, save for the forceful collection of its taxes to support never ending wars with ever new “enemies.”

  • I wrote the very same thing. But you left out the fact that the Viet Minh were killing rival Vietnamese independence groups. Yes, the US intervened to prevent a Marxist faction from taking power.

    The only difference between my post and yours is that I blame all sides for killing the Vietnamese people, US included, while you give a free pass to the Viet Minh/Viet Cong and their Soviet backers.

  • In both WWI and WWII the US joined rather late and got most of the spoils. Coincidence? I think not.

    Operation CONDOR. Just the name makes my spine chills. This was perhaps the most abject order the Northern suseran made to their Southern vassals during the 60’s/70’s.
    You spoke everything about the sheer hypocrisy of the self-claimed ‘world police’ and ‘freedom fighter’. The term ‘world bully’ is far more proper. And why the people of the world continue to hate the ‘Manifest Destiny’, the ‘Monroe Doctrine’, the ‘Big Stick’ an so on. And why their flag gets burned over and over again.

  • Thank you John, The US intervened in Vietnam because they knew Ho Chi Minh was so popular he would be elected with ease. As I said, the US doesn’t tolerate governments that challenge their geopolitical interests. Quoting Bill Clinton, ‘its imperialism, stupid!’

  • What do you mean by saying to Michael not to ‘withdraw his support’? ‘America: love it or leave it?’

    Typical 50’s McCarthyism. It cannot get any worse, can it?

    Oh yes, I see. Cubans CAN ‘withdraw their support’ like your fiancee Yoani Sanchéz because Cuba is an EVIL country. USAmericans on the other hand must comply because US is a GOOD country. So GOOD it overthrows governments it doesn’t like either by instigating coups or dropping bombs. Yeah, that’s GOOD because their enemy is always, as Hollywood depicts, inhuman EVIL beings.

  • And who’s responsible for the ‘major shipping costs and logistical challenges to contend with’? The CNN only stated a part of Amnesty International report that concludes the embargo cripples the availability of medicine and medical equipment in Cuba. Period.

    Gosh are you progressively deteriorating? Because you are becoming more like ‘Griffin’, who simply cannot read.

  • Not even Carlos Alberto Montaner accuses post-revolutionary Cuba of practicing torture, unlike what occured (and still occurs) on many countries who suffered through puppet US-backed military dictatorships in South and Central America.

    What I’m amazed is there are those who cannot understand – or worse, DO understand but pretend not to – the global hatred for the US foreign policy of constant interventionism, warmongering, and imperialism.

  • You are not Canadian, you fool no one. Today it is common for Brits and Canadians to refer to the country, as ‘US’ and not ‘America’. Even if so, you should be ashamed of this mental colonization, because a Canadian is an American too.

    ac’s comment addressed this ‘body-count’ garbage of ‘who killed more’ or ‘who’s more evil’ that you insist on drawing into, blaming the Vietcong as the devil’s rejects, and making excuses for all the Napalm and Agent Orange dropped in Vietnam. The hate speech is present upon every single post of yours. So if there’s a child here, it is you.

  • She justifiably hates the GOVERNMENT of the United States and not the people of the U.S. who have no control over the policies of their government .

    Every person in the Congress and White House is put there with the money from the very wealthy who then decide for the government what the policies will be.

    In the case of socialist Cuba it is unending economic , propaganda and even terrorist war to crush Cuba’s socialism as they tried in Vietnam, as they did in the Soviet Union, in Chile, in Nicaragua, in Iran, in El Salvador, in Venezuela and so on.

    Since the end of World WarII the U.S. has made more than 50 interventions into the sovereignty of other nations and it is NEVER to install democracy but only totalitarians and totalitarian capitalism.

  • Actually after taking some towns , Raul was known to summarily execute some of the worst of the Batista people after the local population testified to their brutality and criminality.

    This went on until Fidel called a halt to it and instituted trials .

  • My favorite political writer, Alexander Cockburn (1941-2012) was fond of asking: “Is your hatred pure enough?” How about yours, Rosa? Cockburn was to writing what Muhammad Ali was to boxing. He loved to make fools of his opponents, much the way a good improvisor of controversias does. We must seek to make ever purer our hatred of the class enemies, but do so in an incisive, cutting, style.

  • Jeez, you mean to say that in revolutionary wars people are killed ?

    Do you have any idea what that rebel bastard George Washington did to those poor British soldiers who were defending their empire ?

  • The U.S. war on Vietnam began with the French war to regain its former colony immediately after WWII when it was held by the Japanese.

    The French having been routed by the Japanese, the British along with the Japanese held the former French colony until the French could return .

    Even before the French returned, the Vietnamese nationalists were pleading with the U.S. and others to grant them independence . The U.S. turned them down flat, the French returned and the Vietnamese war for independence began .

    Between 1950 and the French defeat in 1954, the united States financed 80% of the French costs of that war and 100% of the costs between 1952 and 1954 .

    After the French and Vietnamese signed their treaty in Geneva in 1954 a central part of which was the TEMPORARY division of the country at the 19th parallel and an election by 1956 to reunite the two parts , the U.S. , NOT a signatory to the treaty installed a puppet regime in the south and cancelled the elections .

    The reason ? President Eisenhower said that were the free elections to be held, Ho Chi Minh would have won some 80% of the vote.

    The Cold War was in full swing and the U.S. was overthrowing democratically elected governments in Guatemala and Iran and had already also intervened in elections in Italy and Greece to prevent communist victories.

    The U.S would have had to kill some most of the Vietnamese to prevent a free election to place Ho Chi Minh as president but they only managed to kill three million and lost the war.

    You can read the U.S. government’s revisionist history of that war for independence below by Griffin but it is a crock of shit.

    I strongly recommend going to the “Killing Hope ” website and just reading the introduction to that book to understand first what post WWII U.S. foreign policy is really all about and secondly just how big a lie Griffin’s entire post is.

  • When the US stop agressing other countries. Still not got it?

  • There are anecdotal testimonies of Sierra Maestra farmers who chose not to support the advancing revolutionary forces at their peril. Their cows were stolen and they were tortured. After the fighting ended, speedy summary trials ending in executions were commonplace, many directly at the hands of Che Guevara. Supportors argue that these were justified as the perpetrators were themselves torturers and murderers for Batista. Likely true but no less barbaric than the atrocities carried out in other wars in other countries. Castro has tried to present his revolution and its war deaths as somehow more noble. His victims would likely disagree.

  • Last I checked, this blog is called HAVANA TIMES. That means the dung heap du jour is Cuban at this site. One of the most famous protestors to the Vietnam War is Sec’ty of State John Kerry. We know where he stands don’t we? As far as hating the US goes, go right ahead. Just keep buying our crap, watching our movies, dancing to our music and when the poop hits the fan, asking for our help.

  • Withdraw your support? What does that mean? Stop paying federal, state, local, payroll, sales, and gas taxes or no double lattes at Starbuck’s? Wow, I can feel the lack of your contribution as we speak. Of course that also means no internet service at your home and no cable TV. How will we survive without you Michael N. Landis?

  • One reason civilians, including children, keep dying in drone attacks is because their Taliban and Al Qeada parents choose to put them in harm’s way. If you spend your time planning to attack the US or building IEDs in your livingroom with your kids, who is really to blame when a drone rocket levels your house with your family inside?

  • Where is the lie? Read this CNN report again. It states, “Cuba can import these products from other countries, but there are major shipping costs and logistical challenges to contend with.” One of the goals of the embargo is to provide obstacles to the Castro regime in acquiring access to AMERICAN products and services. It would not be an embargo otherwise genious.

  • Your history is wrong. Do you just make up stuff?

    Operation Barbarossa began in June 1941. The US entered WWII when Japan attacked Pearl Harbour in December of 1941. President Roosevelt responded by declaring war on Japan. Your countryman, Adolf Hitler then declared war on the US, to which the US responded by declaring war on Germany and Italy. The German invasion of Russia was still building at this time and the Russians looked to be on the verge of defeat.

    Austria is lucky to have had US troops occupy it by the end of the war, otherwise it would have been swallowed up by the Russians as was the rest of Eastern Europe.

  • In fact Luis, Canadians & Brits regularly use the terms America and Americans when referring to the US and it’s people. Go read a Canadian newspaper website and you can see it used.

    I understand that you need me to be an American so you can spew your hatred, but the fact is I am Canadian.

    To ac: you reference to various alleged war crimes committed by US forces in Vietnam is useful and informative. However, it is incomplete. The NVA and Vietcong also committed war crimes. So did the French & Japanese. All I am arguing for is a complete and balanced history of the war, not the selective indictment of one country, the US, alone.

    Finally, it is absurd to insist the US was the only aggressor in the Vietnam War. The French colonial invasion, the Japanese invasion, the Viet Minh insurgency, the South Vietnamese coup, and the US intervention, the Chinese border war: ALL of these players were aggressors against the Vietnamese people.

    So the ignorance I was referring to is the total indictment of one country, ignorance of the historical context and facts, while excusing the other aggressors in these terrible wars.

    Frankly, any essay that is titled “I hate You!” is essentially childish.

  • No one doubts US American merits during world war 2. Whether it was just for love for humanity? I guess one has to be very naiv to believe that. When did the US enter the war in Europe: when they saw, that Hitler could not defeat Stalin. Now the question is, whether the US Americans rushed in to defeat Hitler, or rather to block off Stalin or both.Whatsoever. Liberators become opressors, thats nothing new. West Germany was forced into a dependence of the US , where they still haven`t gotten out of till now. Austria was luckier, because the Allied left in 55 and Austria became neutral . Germany forced into the NATO. The main enenemy in the eyes of the US were and still are) the socialist countries. Even social democrate countries. There is evenn in a small country like mine, lots of proof of US American Interventionism., which a reached another peak in the 70 and 80 during the period our socialist chancellour Bruno Kreisky ( Olof Palme in Sweden) because of his ( their) open positioning in favor of the progressive movements in Latin America. This explains that after the assassination of Allende, about 30.000 refugees from Chile where accepted in our country. And now we come to the point of what Rosa is talking about: While hypocritically screamind freedom and democracy, the US not only support the most cruel and reactionary dictators all throughout the world, the interfere on top of it with there Secret Services through systematic destabilization of the countries to prepare the way for such dictators ( Operation CONDOR). And this goes on like this all way through last century all the way up to our century. What a hypocritical talk, to compare Cuban fighters for the Independence of African Nations, trying to get rid of colonialism, to the criminal actions of the US in god knows how many countries. How hypocritical all this talk about Irak, Syria, Lybia and so on. Who sold all the weapons to the countries? Who gave the biological weapons to Saddam? God what a bunch of liars . Humanity? Humanitarian values? You make me lough. US American humanitarian thinking ends where the oilfields start. Afghanistan? Human rights? What a loughter. All the US wants is to control Central Asia and China and the whole area for its oilfields.Theres a whole offensive going on against all progressive governments by all means, over murder, mediadic terror or military intervention. And be careful to be an allied of the US. Look at Mubarak. What happened to the Shah of Iran? Not needed anymore? Ok, you´ll be dropped. That`s the morals of the autodeclared fighters for human values, democracy and freedom. Intimtate people by military strenght, because arguments there aren`t any.And if our upperwise Moses compares the struggle for freedom in Cuba during the revolution to the criminal acts of the uS all throughout the world, than I consider this already being blasphemic almost. Why, and I join Rosa we hate the US and not the Americans? Easy to tell: because they are brainwashed day in and out by the mass media, bombarded with desinformation and lies.Lets not forget, that most Americans have no clue of whats going on outside of their country. And if they get some information, it has been filtered, so they just get what they should get. There is a critical liberal Us -american “subsociety”, but their presence in the mass media is almost equal to 0. And what happend when there are really mass movements in the USA we already know. Ask the ones who protested against the war in Vietnam. But it seems people forget or don´t want to recall.So Moses, I give you the advice, dig in your own dungheap first, before you grunt over the Cuban revolution and the Cubans with your cutting and cyncal comments and calling people dum or stupid . Have a look in the mirror first and think deeply why we hate the US. And not only we.

  • guess not everybody is as intelligent as you are Mr. Unfailable

  • USA/Cuba Embargo=Terrorism American Style!

  • You are not alone. And when I hear Kerry bullshitting about Human Rights in other countries ( of course Cuba and Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru funny enough all of them more or less leftist governments and funny enough this is presented right at the day of the inauguratio of President Maduro) ) I can just start vomitting. No other nation is violating Human Right more all throughout the world than the US.

    I just defended on MNS Latino som Iranian or Arab girl, which dared to say, that, when thousands of Palestinian children, Afghani kids, Lybian, Iraqui , Syrian etc. children are being killed , either directly by the Us Americans like in Afghanistan, Irak , Lybia and I guess also Syria, but indirectly through their politics like in Palestina, no one seems to care all too much . Small notice in the media. “2o children died in Irak due to a Drone,, 10 in Afghanistan etc. That was it. A little regret from NATO and the US, and then lets continue to the next little regret. When 3 Americans get killed, ( please don`t misunderstand me now, yes I´m referring myself to the Boston drama and its horrible) days and days it goes on in the media. So my question; are three US American lives so much more worth than hundreds of lives of non US citzens? Isn´t the life of a Palestinian kiddy as much worth as the life of this poor littleinnocent kid that was killed in Boston? Don`t misunderstand me, please. I´d just like that maybe someone thinks about it. That´s why I defended the Irani or Arabian girl against all the attacks in MSN Latino. And all this hypocricy. Which is one of the reasons I hate the US.

  • “Avoiding war should be the goal”

    Then WHY, oh WHY do you support unconditionally US international polici, warmongering by its very nature? Hypocrite.

  • War is hell. and I agree with that. Griffin is saying that her feelings were out of ignorance, I simply pointed to data providing reasons to not like US involvement in certain conflicts.

    As for your last comment, I;m not aware of the Cuban forces torturing anyone, they did execute people wanted for specific crimes (murder, torture or delation), but always after a trial and never at large scale.

  • No well-read American nor simply those that like Oliver Stone movies can deny the atrocities committed during the Vietnam war. AC, can you name a single country whose actions in the time of war are above criticism? The answer is no. Avoiding war should be the goal, not fighting “clean’ wars. The blogger, Rosa, claims to hate the US for our actions on the battlefield. Does she choose to ignore what Fidel’s revolutionary forces did to Batista’s army during and after the revoution or is she just stupid?

  • Rosa, as someone else in this forum has noted your hatred is keeping you from fully exercising your right and duty to reason and to never be contented with the information you have, especially if you have basically obtained it through the Cuban media. Hatreds such as yours may ultimately engender acts of terrorism. You need to grow up politically and intellectually. I am not in the least fond of the United States politics, and I especially “hate” their super cynical double standards and many of the grass root values associated to the American Way of Life. I am utterly disgusted by their colonial and imperial zeal, particularly their constant meddling in Latin-American politics with the intention of protecting their own corporate interests, but ultimately THEY (the government AND the people that sustains it) are but the reflection of the current state of the human condition, of modernity. In the XVIII Century it was Great Britain, before them, it was Spain and Portugal, Germany had a short-lived period as the world’s bad big guy…would China, Russia or Iran be better self-appointed world leaders? Remember the Soviet Union? Have you hated Stalin, do you even know how much death and repression was produced under his rule at home and abroad? Unfortunately there are no bad guys and good guys, there are bad guys with resources and bad guys with less resources. We should redirect our hatred towards the flaws of the human nature that perpetuate this state of things and to the social and economic structures that keep us from seeing them and correcting them (it is a vicious circle, I know). But not even there do I recommend to hate, because all there is to hate is ourselves, mankind, and only love for oneself may bring about change. Hatred makes you dumb, it eats up your energy and it even turns you into a huge bore! Last but not least, though they are not the same thing, they are not two perfectly separated entities either: the American government and the American people, the first says a lot about the kind of society the American people makes up.

  • Many U.S. citizens, myself included, are as alienated from “our” government, Rosa, as you are. At this point, and for the past 160 years, political power in our nation has been shared by “the bad cop” (i.e. The Republicans) and the “good cop” (i.e. The Democrats). Both, however, are thoroughly corrupt and mere mouthpieces of what the late Pres. Eisenhower, in his farewell address (almost as famous as George Washington’s) called the military-industrial complex. Although it may feel like “Waiting for Godot,” all BAD things do come to an end, however, and U.S. Imperialism is headed for bankruptcy (it is already MORALLY bankrupt…but economic bankruptcy is just around the corner, historically speaking). In the meantime, in between time, sit back and enjoy the spectacle. U. S. Imperialism is going down! Of course, we can all do our little part to undermine “our” government. Our greatest gift to speed its demise, however, is just to withdraw our support. “Our” representatives only really support the big corporations, the defense contractors, the monopolies. Fortunately, there are ever more alternative sources of information, such as the HAVANA TIMES, LinkTV, etc. etc.

    Michael N. Landis

  • And you lie to us.

    The embargo extends to US subsidiaries in other countries. Most footwear made in China and Vietnam are slave-labored goods made by Nike, Reebok, etc.

    About medicine, once again you lie – http://edition.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH/09/01/amnesty.cuba.health/

    You $(insult). Your defense of US imperialism through their countless bases around the world DO NOT help peace. On the contrary. And defending the annihilation of two cities when Japan was already considering surrender is pitiful, just pitiful. You do not defend that alleging that ‘if this had not been done, more lives would have been lost’. This is bullshit. It’s the same ‘future telling’ that served as a pretext for the military coup in my country.

    Che and Allende were not only men. They were leaders. In the latter case, his death is due to the coup your country helped to install in Chile, causing more suffering than you could imagine. The ‘many Americans’ died not ‘in the defense of freedom’, but in defense of the wicked interests of the White House, the Pentagon, the CIA, and the military-industrial complex.

    I hate you, US of A.

  • Don’t forget the countless coups around the world that installed puppet dictatorships, from Brazil to Iran, in order to bring ‘democracy’ by destroying it.

  • Why a ‘Canadian’ would defend the US so vigorously, I have no idea. Also NO Canadian would refer to the US as ‘America’. ‘Griffin’ you don’t have to fool anybody – admit you are a paid troll and leave us alone.

  • wow!! let’s hope Rosa reads this. more people need to understand this.

  • From wikipedia:

    In 1968, The Vietnam War Crimes Working Group (VWCWG) was established by the Pentagon task force set up in the wake of the My Lai Massacre, to attempt to ascertain the veracity of emerging claims of war crimes by U.S. armed forces in Vietnam, during the Vietnam War period.

    The investigation compiled over 9,000 pages of investigative files, sworn statements by witnesses and status reports for top military officers, indicating that 320 alleged incidents had factual basis.[271] The substantiated cases included 7 massacres between 1967 and 1971 in which at least 137 civilians were killed; seventy eight further attacks targeting non-combatants resulting in at least 57 deaths, 56 wounded and 15 sexually assaulted; one hundred and forty-one cases of US soldiers torturing civilian detainees or prisoners of war with fists, sticks, bats, water or electric shock.[272] Over 800 alleged atrocities were investigated but only 23 soldiers were ever convicted on charges and most served sentences of less than a year.[273][unreliable source?] A Los Angeles Times report on the archived files concluded that the war crimes were not confined to a few rogue units, having been uncovered in every army division that was active in Vietnam.[272]

    Victims of the My Lai massacre

    In 2003 a series of investigative reports by the Toledo Blade uncovered a large number of unreported American war crimes particularly from the Tiger Force unit.[274] Some of the most violent war criminals included men such as Sam Ybarra[275] and Sergeant Roy E. “the Bummer” Bumgarner, a soldier who served with the 1st Cavalry Division and later the 173d Airborne Brigade.[276]

    In 1971 the later U.S. presidential candidate, John Kerry, testified before the U.S. Senate and stated that over 150 U.S. veterans testified during the Winter Soldier Investigation and described war crimes committed in Southeast Asia.
    “They told the stories of times that they had personally raped, cut off the ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in a fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam in addition to the normal ravage of war and the normal and very particular ravaging which is done by the applied bombing power of this country.”
    —John Kerry testifying before the U.S. Senate in 1971[277]

    According to political scientist R.J. Rummel, U.S. troops murdered about 6,000 Vietnamese civilians during the war.”


    Now, about the numbers:
    “Rummel estimated that American forces committed around 5,500 democidal killings between 1960 and 1972, from a range of between 4,000 and 10,000.[16] The Phoenix Program, a counterinsurgency program executed by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), United States special operations forces, and the Republic of Vietnam’s security apparatus, killed 26,369 suspected NLF operatives and informants.[17][18] Estimates for the number of North Vietnamese civilian deaths resulting from US bombing range from 50,000-65,000. American bombing in Cambodia killed at least 40,000 combatants and civilians.[19]

    Agent Orange was used by the U.S. military as part of its herbicidal warfare program, Operation Ranch Hand, during the Vietnam War from 1961 to 1971. Vietnam’s government claimed that 400,000 people were killed or maimed as a result of after effects, and that 500,000 children were born with birth defects.[20]

    German historian Bernd Greiner mentions the following war crimes reported, and/or investigated by the Peers Commission and the Vietnam War Crimes Working Group, among other sources:[21]
    – Seven massacres officially confirmed by the American side. My Lai (4) and My Khe (4) claimed the largest number of victims with 420 and 90 respectively, and in five other places altogether about 100 civilians were executed.
    – Two further massacres were reported by soldiers who had taken part in them, one north of Duc Pho in Quang Ngai Province in the summer of 1968 (14 victims), another in Binh Dinh province on 20 July 1969 (25 victims).
    – Tiger Force, a special operations force, murdered hundreds, possibly over a thousand, civilians.
    – In the course of large-scale operations an unknown number of non-combatants were killed either accidentally or deliberately – with some estimating more than 5,000 allegedly died in the course of Operation Speedy Express. Excluding deaths from artillery and air attacks, the total number of victims may have reached tens of thousands during the entire war.
    – According to the ‘Information Bureau of the Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam’ (PRG), between April 1968 and the end of 1970 American ground troops killed about 6,500 civilians in the course of twenty-one operations either on their own or alongside their allies. Three of the massacres reported on the American side were not mentioned on the PRG list.”


    Is not about the numbers, atrocities are atrocities regardless of the side and in this case, US was clearly the aggressor and did a lot of bad things, most of them fully categorized as war crimes. This is not a contest about who killed more people or who is more evil, is about condemning all who did wrong regardless of the nationality, political leaning or intentions.

  • Rosa, while I have no doubt that your hatred of my governent is heartfelt and genuine, I am obliged to tell you that your basis for that hatred as you have described it is not well-founded. For example, the lack of footwear in Cuba is hardly a result of the US embargo. Your government has lied to you. Most of the affordable footwear sold around the world, including in the US, is made in China and Vietnam, two of Cuba’s largest trading partners. Cuba’s lack of shoes is a problem between China, Vietnam and Cuba. Likewise, food and medicine are two items excluded from the embargo. In fact, the US remains among the top five overall importers to Cuba despite the embargo, largely due to the importation of food and medicine from the US. Again, your government has lied to you. As a sidebar, the business owned by the family of a childhood friend of mine from central Californa is the largest importer worldwide of frozen whole chickens to Cuba. Last year, a large shipment of medicine from the US to Cuba was derailed, not by the embargo, but by Cuban bureaucracy.
    You have also been misinformed about WWII. Japan attacked the US triggering a Pacific war. Many American lives were lost defending against Japanese aggression. The use of atomic weapons hastened an early end to that war, Had the war gone on, many more lives would have been lost. US military presence around the globe serves as a deterrent to military aggression. Peace is maintained and lives saved because our all-volunteer troops are willing to sacrifice their lives to defend other countries and other cultures.
    Che and Allende like Chavez, were only men. Their lives are no more valuable to God than yours or mine. Many Americans have also been killed in the defense of freedom. You should mourn all lives lost in defence of others against the evil that dwells in the hearts of men. The lives slaughtered by Cuban soldiers in Africa and Latin America are no less worthy to be mourned and their killers no less hateful than American soldiers and the lives felled at their hands.
    Finally, your hatred of my government is a burden that you choose to bear and you will bear it until you choose to allow yourself otherwise. Similarly, I hate the repressive, totalitarian, cruel and dictatorial Castro regime. I hate the fact that three generations of Cubans have suffered unnecessarily so the one man and his sycophants can serve his ego. Fortuneately, I will resolve my hatred when the Castros are dead or no longer in control of the Cuban people. When will you resolve your hatred of the US?

  • The problem with the blind hatred you espouse is that it is born of ignorance and perpetuates it.

    The Vietnamese War began before the US intervened, and more Vietnamese were killed in the war after the US involvement than during the US intervention. More Vietnamese were killed by the North Vietnamese military than by the US military. America didn’t start the war, and they didn’t finish it. The Communist Viet Minh were as responsible for the war as were the French and Japanese imperialists. The American only got drawn in as the war took on Cold War implications. By the time the US government started aiding the South, the Russians and Chinese had already been arming the North Vietnamese for years. Perhaps you can spare some of your hatred for them as well?

    After the US withdrawal in 1973, the North Vietnamese, in violation of the Paris Peace Accords which they had signed, launched a renewed attack on the South. The North Vietnamese rounded up some 2 million Vietnamese people into re-education camps, where some 165,000 died under brutal conditions of abuse, torture and forced labour. The UN HCR estimates between 200,000 and 400,000 Vietnamese people died in the “boat people” exodus, when millions fled the victorious Communist forces of North Vietnam. Interestingly, Cuban military personnel in Vietnam helped establish and run the POW camps. Senator John McCain has testified that the Cubans were involved in the torture and interrogation of captured US servicemen.

    The use of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was horrific, but do you know of any better alternative? Japan started the war with the US when they attacked Pearl Harbor. The Japanese Imperial Army had already invaded and conquered Korea 10 years earlier and the moved on to invade Manchuria. By the spring of 1945, US Navy & Marines had beaten the Japanese back on several fronts, but the Japanese were still busy slaughtering Koreans, Chinese and Philippinos at the rate of 500,000 per month. The US military plans for an invasion of Japan, Operation Downfall, included estimated casualties of about 500,000 US and perhaps 6 million Japanese. That’s some 30 times the number who died in Hiroshima & Nagasaki.

    Prior to dropping the atom bombs, the US airforce dropped hundreds of thousand of leaflets on Japan, warning them that the US now possessed weapons of enormous destructive power and urging them to surrender. The Japanese government was contacted but they refused to surrender. When the first bomb was dropped, the Japanese government again refused to surrender. Three days later the next bomb was dropped. Again the Japanese military refused to surrender. At this point the Emperor Hirohito himself decided to announce the surrender on the radio. On the way to the radio station, his motorcade was intercepted by a faction of fanatical Japanese officers who tried to assassinate him to prevent him from surrendering. Hirohito escaped the attempt and was gave his radio address triggering the surrender of Japan. After the war, the senior Japanese military and government officials confirmed that they never would have surrendered and were planning to fight to the bitter end. Hundreds of thousands of civilians had been organized into suicide battalions with the intention of using them in mass waves against the US invaders.

    Given these facts, the only alternative to using the atom bombs would have been for the US to invade Japan, an operation which would have killed at least 30 times more people. Meanwhile, as the fighting dragged out, the Japanese armies would have continues to kill millions more Koreans, Chinese, Philippinos and Vietnamese.

    Do you have any hatred available for the Japanese Empire, or is it marked “For USA only”? As horrific as Hiroshima and Nagasaki were, the use of the atomic bombs actually ended the war sooner and save the lives of countless millions.

    It’s far too easy to believe in the myths of your propaganda, to project all evil intentions and actions onto one Big Bad Guy, the USA, and to imagine all would have been lovely and peaceful in the world were it not for America. But reality is much more complicated than that. The US has committed some ghastly acts of war but then so has the USSR, Germany, Japan, China, North Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, Italy, France, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Cambodia, South Africa, Algeria, Sudan, Egypt, Syria, Israel, Turkey… the list goes on and on and on.

    Will you pick one country to hate and blame them for all the problems in the world while closing your eyes to all the rest?

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