More Than a Hundred “Shots” Every Morning

By Aurelio Pedroso (Progreso Semanal)

Foto by Aurelio Pedroso

HAVANA TIMES – Perhaps because of my love of cinema, I cannot help but remember the old westerns. Both the good and the bad never ran out of bullets, despite knowing their revolvers only held six projectiles.

Something similar occurs with Dr. Adrián de la Paz, 24, and his feverish caliber “pistol” pointed at people’s foreheads. It doesn’t stop shooting all morning in an undetermined number. That can range between 100 and 150 “shots” in testing people under his supervision in the capital municipality of Playa.

Dr. Francisco Durán gives his Covid-19 reports every morning on all Cuban TVs. Adrián is not far behind in the community where he practices his profession. As they say, “rain, thunder or lightning” he has an amazing punctuality to peoples’ homes. He’s interested in the state and situation of everyone in the house. And sometimes even for pets.

Nico, an 80+ year old neighbor of few but certain words, and good humor, defines Adrian as his “best friend”. He adds, “imagine, he’s the only person who comes to visit me.”

Every day the situation becomes tenser here with the surge of cases in the Cuban capital. The arrival of Adrián is like a salve, a respite of calm amid the storm. His human and professional attitude inspires confidence, a vital quality in any health professional. From whom one excepts to be examined only in practice and not before a court.

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