Neither Money Nor Fish Nor Anything

God help me! The only option left to the Cuban president is a “pact with the devil.”

By Matraca (El Toque)

HAVANA TIMES – Do we have to put up with Mydalis Naranjo (deputy minister of the Food Industry) saying on national television that the seas surrounding Cuba have no fish? Is the justification for the embargo not enough and now a supposed geographic fatality is the new leitmotif of our misfortunes?

The problems and obstacles, as those who govern us have always liked to make clear, come from “outside”, they are “external”; which offers them a very comfortable margin to remove any responsibility. Meanwhile, together, citizens and those who fish, are the ones who only suffer from the disaster of the Cuban administration.

There is no fish and there is no money; And this week it was learned that Judge Sara Cockerill rejected the appeal filed by Banco Nacional de Cuba in the legal dispute with the investment fund CRF I Limited (CRF I Ltd).

Cuba does not want to pay the debt it owes, but Cockerill’s decision could speed up the start of a process to enforce the judgment or collect the amount owed.

The Cuban state has a much tighter noose after the announcement that the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (through ICBC Standard Bank), which is the custodian of CFR I Ltd’s Cuban assets, has taken legal action against Cuba for an approximate value of 1.1 billion euros.

You drank chocolate… now pay what you owe…
A Martian!
Don’t ask me for fish, there is none. There is none… There is none… There is none…
How is it there are no fish in the Bikini Bottom?

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2 thoughts on “Neither Money Nor Fish Nor Anything

  • “Every intelligent boy of 16 is a Socialist. At that age one does not see the hook sticking out of the bait.” ~ George Orwell

  • How can Cuba pay their debt. When people in Provinces like Granma can’t get to work. Electricity goes out. Hardly any food. Hotels Marea Del.portillo for 3 and a half years now. Sanctions. How is going to pay for it?? Certainly not the poor. I hear in Cuba there are poor and rich and that is all. The embargo needs to be lifted. And is Russia comes in to help, well any help os better than anything . But I would only trust Russia so far j.m.o.

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