New Advances in US-Cuba Relations Applauded by Left Groups

HAVANA TIMES — Several political groups on the Left, which are not recognized by the Cuban government, expressed their approval of the recent accord between Cuba and the USA to reopen embassies after a 54 year absence. The following is their statement.

We Welcome the Re-Establishment of Diplomatic Relations Between Cuba and the United States

Declaration on the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States and the re-opening of embassies, scheduled for July 20, by Cuba’s democratic left-wing organizations.

Having convened in Havana, we, the representatives of Socialismo Participativo y Democratico (“Participative and Democratic Socialism”), Izquierda Democratica Socialista (“Democratic Socialist Left”) and Nuevo Proyecto Socialista (“New Socialist Project”), organizations that call for the strengthening of Cuba’s democratic Left, welcome the declarations made by the presidents of the United States and Cuba, Barack Obama and Raul Castro, regarding the imminent reopening of the embassies of the two countries and the re-establishment of diplomatic relations.

We believe this is an important step on the road towards normalization, a process which, as the two leaders point out, will mean addressing and overcoming the range of problems arising from the conflict between the two countries.

We agree that we cannot continue to move forward while looking backwards. The acknowledgement on behalf of the US Executive that the country’s previous policy of pressure and blockade were a failure and its willingness to work with Congress to bring about the lifting of the embargo-blockade and cooperate with Cuba in different areas of bilateral interest has opened up broad spaces for fruitful exchange between the two nations.

The differences between the two government on issues of democracy and human rights should not represent obstacles to the development of exchanges between the two peoples and governments or stand in the way of overcoming migratory problems, facilitating travel, correspondence and the sending of remittances, expanding tourism and trade and securing peace between the two nations, without threats of any sort.

It is hard for enemies to become friends. The two nations understand this well. We understand this is particularly true of governments. But the people of Cuba and the United States have never been enemies and have no reason to be. Both are peaceful, peace-loving people who support democracy and creative work. The interests of the two peoples are what ought to come first.

We congratulate the two governments for this step and we wish to see the hope awakened on December 17 renewed among the Cuban people, desirous that the re-establishment of diplomatic relations will pave the road towards the full normalization of relations between the two countries.

Havana, July 1, 2015

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  • Who are they?

  • It is never the peoples of conflicting countries that have social problems. One only has to look to the political classes of either region that are always using government to resolve their private concerns.

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