Nicaragua Needs More Deeds and Fewer Words

By Dennis Martinez (La Prensa)

Dennis Martinez, from the mound.

HAVANA TIMES – After seeing so many examples in a country like ours cornered by corruption, trampled by rulers, by businessmen only interested in getting richer, while the nation was being torn to pieces by poverty, I thought that after 2018 everything would be easier.

Last year I wrote a column referring to legacy. I talked about the importance of the footprints that we leave along the way. I quickly understood that [decades ago] when I fell into drinking and did not want my children or baseball fans to remember me for that, but for my accomplishments.

We all make mistakes and can also ask for forgiveness, but not by words, but by deeds. I bring that issue up for discussion again because life is asking many leaders to make important decisions that will have repercussions not only on them, but on millions of Nicaraguans.

Baseball is just a game. Some may take it more seriously than others, but at the end of the day it is entertainment. Decision-making in politics has positive or negative consequences for a country.

When I had a poor performance on the mound, I knew I could improve on my next start. One day I could receive applauses and in another disapproving looks. In politics there is no margin for error. A bad decision can condemn you for life.

Let’s hope no one will be capable of repeating that history of bad decisions. That no one could swallow so much repulsion from society for tripping up the liberation of a country. Before going to bed I always ask myself: how can these people sleep peacefully when they negotiate away the future of Nicaraguans?

I am also very surprised that everyone wants the same in words: end of repression, release of political prisoners, restitution of democracy, among other things, but with their deeds they point in another direction.

That is why I said it is not enough to ask for forgiveness with words. It must be proven in every episode of our lives. Maybe in that way we leave enduring footprints and a palatable legacy because there is bravery, courage and admiration in rectifying ourselves.

Time is precious, do not waste it.

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