Nicaragua Remains Open to Tourists on Cruise Ships

The Government Says God Will Protect from Coronavirus

Photo: Empresa Portuaria Nacional

By Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES – While the rest of the world goes in the other direction, ramping up serious prevention measures, the rulers of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega and his wife/VP Rosario Murillo believe God has made them the chosen people, immune to the coronavirus.

Taking my daily glance at the official Nicaraguan government website,, I was shocked for the umpteenth time in the last couple years.

While feeding the fire to create hysteria and confusion like Donald Trump is clearly not the answer to an intelligent response to the pandemic, doing just the opposite and treating it like a joke is as bad or worse, even more so in Nicaragua, the second poorest country in the Americas.

Few detractors or supporters of the Ortega government, who know that his VP Rosario Murillo runs the show, do not think publicly (detractors) or privately (supporters) that she is in her good senses. Murillo has been losing it for a long time and its anyone’s guess where the limit might be.

If you are wondering why Ortega let’s her run the government just go back to 1998 when Murillo was willing to cover up her powerful husband’s 19 years of rape and abuse of his stepdaughter, Murillo’s daughter. At that moment she made a calculated decision and it has paid off in full.  When her husband returned to the presidency in 2007, she immediately cashed in her chips and took over.

Murillo’s lust for power, and her many obeying underlings, have allowed her to do whatever she pleases no matter how crazy it seems. Her constant mix of religion, hate, love and brainwashing has delivered a severe blow to the Nicaraguan nation.  Once she has vanished from the scene it may take a good while to recover from the effects of her authoritarian madness.

That brings me to the latest acts of stupidity.  On Saturday March 14th Murillo and Ortega called for their public employees and other supporters to hold rallies throughout the country with a massive one in Managua the capital. 

While the rest of the world had cancelled large gatherings and public events, including sports and entertainment, Murillo wasn’t concerned believing instead that her God had chosen the Nicaraguan people to not need to take the same precautions that the rest of the world is taking.

That same day, the government welcomed without precautions of any kind, 800 tourists on a cruise ship that anchored in the Port of Corinto on the Pacific Coast.  The tourists then visited Leon, Chichigalpa, Chinandega and El Viejo, greeting people as if the coronavirus didn’t exist for them or Nicaragua.

Here’s what the First Lady and VP had to say in her daily monologue on welcoming the visitors:

“All thanks to God, welcome to our Nicaragua where we go forward because we trust in God and where we go ahead, always further, with that ever-growing hope and with the knowledge that we are a people capable of transcending and a people capable of living, promoting each day harmonious coexistence, citizen responsibility, serving and loving each other and facing the challenges together.” 

Need I say more?

Photo: Empresa Portuaria Nacional



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  • AMADEA Cruise Ship is the name given by the government website.

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