Ortega and His Party Ignore History, Progress and Evolution

Por Henry Petrie  (Nuevas Miradas)

HAVANA TIMES – Principles aren’t static or unwavering, just like truth isn’t an obligation of faith. Everything is moving and constantly changing, especially in a global society that swiftly imposes itself. Questioning is the generator of scientific, progressive and revolutionary though. Blindly following a dogma, without taking contextual factors into account, leads to backward attitudes.

There isn’t science or revolution or critical thought without us constantly looking at reality, which always wants to undergo change. In Nicaragua’s case, the political power that was called upon to make an important historic contribution, wasted its chance and took a step towards a disastrous self-proclaimed “revolutionary”, “left”. Its feudal lord and backward mindset turned him into a dictator, creating the antithesis to a genuine movement that deserved a better vision about its development and evolution.

And they squandered this opportunity by virtue of filling their pockets and establishing themselves in power in an opportunistic manner, to such an extent that they stood on the sidelines to let Capitalism’s wolfish appetite devour the country, to give free reign to corruption and to the superstitious beliefs that are announced in pro-government media, every day. Populism (with its bubbling effect) and illusionism became efficient manipulative art forms.

In light of US sanctions against Ortega-Murillo’s regime and their public and secret accomplices, they are accusing the blue and white and movement of being “sellouts to the gringos” “imperialists” and “selling their Homeland”, as if this betrayal didn’t belong to its own ideological atrocities.

Back in the day, those leaders of the Revolution that wanted to resemble the defeated, the men with the big bucks, who chose “daughters of the bourgeoisie”, the fairer the better; they believed they were the owners of the world. They thought they deserved as many women as they could get, including girls and young women; they hated the Empire so much that they opened up bank accounts in the US, they take part in its stock exchange and have even embarked on business ventures with loyal representatives of Uncle Sam.

However, neither education or revolutionary sacrifice were ever applied to their children, who have enjoyed Imperialism’s sweet nectar, living like princes in every corporate fiefdom in the kingdom of the greatest violator of the Constitution and national law.

Who serves themselves to the Russians on a platter with caviar? Who drafted up a law of selling national land to the Chinese? What are Russia and China if they aren’t global powers? So, who has flirted (out of ideological beliefs or personal financial convenience) with the eagle, bear and dragon so as to increase and perpetuate their power in Nicaragua? Isn’t it the army of defenders of Ortega’s dictatorship that have great interests with the gringos?

Here in Nicaragua, Ortega-Murillo supporters are the biggest pro-imperialists, the very people who don’t admit it and distort reality, the ones who have never allowed scientific thought to make any headway in this country, who believe that art is a joke, signing agreements with Capital to then become capitalists.

Daniel Ortega isn’t a leftist, he isn’t a revolutionary, or an anti-imperialist, much less an advocate for freedom and human rights.

Ortega and Murillo are two frenzied people who have taken advantage of power’s benefits and have destroyed the poor people’s means to fight for a more just and equal society. They aren’t interested in definitions, questioning concepts, contextualizing principles. If they were, they would have presented their contextual analysis to the Latin American Left a long time ago, along with their stance on the new world order and the global government in the making, as well as their take on national sovereignties against the technological and financial advances of the world’s super powers. What they have been is parasites of the so-called “international revolutionary movement”.

Talking about imperialism and anti-imperialism today has different connotations than it did in Sandino’s time, they are more complex, there’s no doubt about that. Placing ourselves in the simple opposition to interference and violation of the people’s sovereignty is the same as understanding poverty from the worldwide scourge of hunger. We need more analyses and redefinitions.

There are three simple truths about Daniel Ortega: one, he never was and never will be a Sandinista ideologue or teacher; two, ever since he got his first taste of power in the ‘80s, his ambitions have made him a millionaire, one more oligarch in Nicaragua; and three, he never understood the need for a democratic political party, in fact, he prefers military political force instead.

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