Politicians with a Good Appetite

The excessive consumption of homemade sweets, bread with croquette, sugar water and sugary sodas, carbonated or not, is harmful not only for health, but also to maintain a good figure.
Illustration by Carlos

HAVANA TIMES – People in positions of high responsibility tend to be subject to high levels of stress, which is known to cause anxiety attacks, which in turn can induce binge eating of either junk or gourmet food. In any case, the effect is disastrous, both for health and for the aspirations of having a slender figure.

However, it is striking, for the photographs we have seen of Jose Marti, Maximo Gomez, Antonio Maceo, Camilo Cienfuegos, just to mention a few. It appears that living in extreme stressful situations (constantly in serious and imminent danger to life) they could deal with anxiety very well.

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One thought on “Politicians with a Good Appetite

  • At long last we have an explanation for the ever expanding waistlines of Miguel Diaz-Canel, Bruno Rodriguez and Marino Murillo. Until now, I had thought that it was a consequence of enjoying lots of good food and drink at the expense of Cubans in general.
    I wonder if “stress” is the cause of the vogue for wearing like Raul, those expensive silk ties?

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