Politics on the Podium, the Olympics & Cuba

By Xel2 (El Toque)

HAVANA TIMES – This week we dedicated our cartoons to the Olympics, their politicization, and the “screen refresher” phenomenon they have played out in recent days. Many Cubans have been watching the performances of our athletes, even in the early morning hours.

The sporting event took place weeks after the protests of July 11, the repressive actions of the State towards citizens, hundreds of arrests and during the toughest of the COVID-19 crisis in the country.

Once again, State propaganda has used sport in Cuba. We got to see a boxing/wrestling ring as a makeshift platform to shout slogans.

The Olympics have served, at the same time, to lighten the load of the day to day. Sports, that right of people, has been denied us for some time by the pandemic. The same sport, which is life, unites beyond ideologies or stale nationalisms.

We salute athletes, coaches and the fans in general.

Happy Sunday,

Wimar Verdecia Fuentes

Mijain (Champion wrester), canned Russian meat, the rations, some extra rice, caravan, I think I’m going to have a revolutionary orgasm.
I dedicate all my efforts and accompishments to my kid

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