Postcard from Exile: (video)


Postcard from exile

Tired rambler:
What are you carrying?
You carry your grief and your poverty.
You are dressed in rags.
Surrendered to your miserable condemnation
You have abandoned everything.

You’ve put your head on the asphalt,
on the cold sidewalk sometimes you dream,
but on those nights without home or shelter,
the heat of your memories covers you,
the warm memories of warm hands,
the hug that once was part of you.

What soil will you trod on tomorrow?
What sky will you contemplate tomorrow?
What line would you imagine will separate you
from danger and will make you a refugee?
From an uncertain refuge where nobody wants to be,
There is no ambition other than to continue breathing.

There are no longer familiar landscapes,
you arrived at the unexpected destination,
where injustice forces you to survive.
And here who you were before does not matter
and what you had before became ashes …
Melancholy of the poor breath of the ashes.

With companions or without them,
In exile you don’t live by possessions.
You assume every dawn with anxiety,
yearning for return, longing for recovery
of what you already lost along the way.
But you still have life and spirit in your walk.

You are more than a flag and a shield,
You are the one who fights internally
for the firmness of your courage and your principles.
The stranger who causes fear, pity or sympathy.
You are in exile the ephemeral unknown presence
of dispossession that becomes freedom.

No postcard is the same from exile,
for exile is not a place on earth,
it is a state, an experience full of anguish,
of yearning, of the constant renewal of being.
Today I send this postcard from exile,
I’m still waiting for a call here, a message,
to tell me it’s my time to return.


Open letter from Nicaraguans Exiled in Panama

We are the Alvaro Conrado April 19th Movement in Panama, born from the need to create a community of Nicaraguans united to serve as a support network and accompaniment to the thousands of Nicaraguan brothers and sisters who have been forced to emigrate and take refuge in the wake of the sociopolitical crisis In Nicaragua.

Our passion was born in Nicaragua and we continue abroad with the struggle in our hearts. We raise our voice calling for the unity of Nicaraguans all over the world, wherever refugees are found, united in the purpose of rising up against a regime that has taken from a whole people the most fundamental rights. We maintain the conviction that each of the violators must be punished; our history of past impunity must not be repeated; Ortega and Murillo deserve to be brought to justice.

Today, from exile, we demand that the repression ceases, that political prisoners not be used as bargaining chips, or in strategies to buy time, to prioritize the government’s hidden interests. We demand to know where our disappeared are; we demand the freedom of our political prisoners, TODAY is already late!

We are a supportive people who woke up, who opened its eyes, who have been humiliated, insulted, imprisoned, beaten, repressed and murdered, and many of us have been expelled from our homeland; they have taken us away from our families and our homes. We will not allow such a future for our sons and daughters.

The rulers should not think for a moment that by us being in exile they are freed of us, that they have already cleaned up, that the world believes that everything is normal in Nicaragua. We are here to deny such; we call on all Nicaraguans in exile to continue pressing, to raise our voice in unison, with our call for a democratic state and the immediate departure of the Ortega-Murillo regime and its inner circle. We also want to see a continuation of the well-deserved international sanctions, on those responsible for the repression, torture and death of our people, and that they be brought to justice.

Neither in 90 days, nor in 100 years will they be able to return everything that they have taken from us. Enough is Enough. Nicaragua is clear about what it wants.