Reflections on the End

Luis Miguel del Bahia

Foto: Caridad
Foto: Caridad

HAVANA TIMES — No matter where we look, everything seems to end in darkness, death and desolation.

Ecological movements are concerned with the future of our world and its biodiversity. On the other hand, we have technocratic positivists convinced of the future of technology.

Does it really matter whether we die today, tomorrow or in 10 years? Does it, when the end is inevitable?

Let us look at what different scientific disciplines have to say.

Physics predicts the decay of everything that exists, until only gravity and some elemental particles are left. Earth sciences anticipate the exhaustion of all resources and the ultimate destruction of what produces them. Astrophysics tells us that, in about 5 billion years, our sun will either go out or explode in a supernova that will sweep across half the galaxy.

There’s no need to mention the many existentialist philosophers who are handing us the poison in the cup, ready to drink. What could humanity’s task be in this mad universe?

What I want to stress is that there is no hope to avert the inevitable end of everything. The question is: how does meaning and significance arise from the banality that characterizes our universe?

Some would say it is the here-and-now…but I still don’t buy it.

Luis Miguel del Bahia

Luis Miguel del Bahia: I am not from anywhere – I am born only of Being, or so I seek to be. In truth, I was born in Havana’s neighborhood of Bahia in the year 1989. When I reached adolescence, I felt I didn’t fit in here and managed to leave for Spain. Working at a factory, I came to understand what capitalism was and that I didn’t want it for the rest of my life. I decided to return to the neighborhood, where I currently work as a computer programmer. From time to time, I open a philosophy book to try and understand the System.

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One thought on “Reflections on the End

  • Very sad attitude Luis. Are you saying it is ok not to recycle, to rape Mother Earth? I feel here materialism at its most irresponsible. You are alive now. Please think of the people who come after you. How about children? Do they matter to you at all?

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