Sarah Stephens: ‘I’m an optimist’ (Video)

By Progreso Weekly

HAVANA TIMES – Progreso Semanal interviewed Sarah Stephens, of the Center for Democracy in the Americas and a frequent Progreso contributor, during her visit to Havana for the raising of the American flag over the U.S. Embassy. We asked her impressions at this important juncture in the relationship between the U.S. and Cuba.

3 thoughts on “Sarah Stephens: ‘I’m an optimist’ (Video)

  • Americans don’t lack the courage to say anything about the Castros. Information maybe but not courage. What Stephens says in this interview is far from courageous, especially in Hotel Nacional. She should try her views out in the Versailles restaurant in Little Havana, Miami. That’s courage!

  • Sarah Stephens is one righteous Americans who have said what should have been said long time ago we are equal our neighbors to the south are honorable dignified and deserve all the respect they can get , I wish that more Americans will have the courage to say what Sarah Stephens said

  • It’s ironic that Stephens would be giving this interview from the patio bar of the National Hotel. I wonder if she has ever visited any place, even in Havana, where real Cubans are. That bar is a tourist paradise. One mojito costs one week’s pay for the average Cuban. On substance, I agree with everything she said, especially her estimate of a 2017 lifting of the embargo.

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