Silvio and Pablo, always loved

Silvio Rodríguez - Photo: Caridad

By Pedro Campos

HAVANA TIMES, April 9— Some friends of my, your, our generation once said:  “Now that they’re rich, they’re no longer one of us.”

Someone defended them saying:

“They have helped many young people; they have continued to create beautiful songs- everything beautiful is revolutionary-; and they appear to have remained themselves.”

In the solitude of thoughts and sorrows, more was wanted.

-Few are willing to join us.

-No.  There are many, but it’s not easy; you have to take risks; the situation is complex.  People like to take the safe route.  They need voices; ours are anonymous.  Nobody knows us or has reason to trust us.

From their altitude, Silvio and Pablo, Pablo and Silvio, with their recent clear and strong calls for fundamental changes in our society, again give strength to the trapped, decimated, troubled, but always faithful and revolutionary, generation of ’68.  They, together with the forces of positive change, would be invincible, because they are recognized, trusted voices of our generation.

Who would dare accuse them of “serving dark intentions” when they have moved us with such lyrics as “the era is giving birth to a heart…”, “for whoever deserves love…”, “I will walk the streets again…”, or “the glory that has been”?  Well, only those who have dark intentions.

We needed those voices.  I will not repeat their words.  They have said them.  Already many of you have heard or read them, despite all the censorship by what should be the free-socialist press and by arbitrary “state regulations” that impose all kinds of restrictions, eliminate e-mails and internet access and even expel Communist Party activists from their jobs for sending or receiving “foreign e-mails.”

By his own admission, Silvio attempts with his latest record to take part in the debate, which, indeed, both artists have always done.  So many seeds their songs and phrases have planted in us.  Therefore we do not need to welcome them into the circle to which, by their own merit, they already belong.

They have always been with us, because while we may have read Heroes of Brest Fortress, How the Steel was Tempered and A Man of Truth, we later listened to Silvio and Pablo to nurture our intimate nature and to gently fall in love.  And between combat and love, they helped forge the generation, now gray, that is steeped in the defense of their Revolution that has not ended, that we must push on, that we cannot let be snatched from us –not by the enemy that never could— but by those who, from within, try to hijack it for spurious interests.

Yes, because it’s ours too.  Others started it, but then the Generation of ‘68 added much substance to it, not just for a few rough and risky years, but for several decades, which were not gray, but very, very difficult, and remain so even today.

All that dear Silvio and Pablo, Pablo and Silvio can contribute is of great, great value.

… I hope that this news brief … brings us that tornado … so that it will stop raining over wet land…and Yolanda can continue cultivating love forever.