The Alarms Sound in Cuba

Matraca is a weekly feature of graphic humor from Cuba.

By Matraca (El Toque)

HAVANA TIMES – The week has been charged with emotions for the Cuban government. A movement in the waters of Guantanamo Bay put more than one official in tension, while the visit of a Russian Navy ship to Havana brought back the conversation about the new sponsor of the Cuban leadership.

In a statement published on July 10, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “categorically” rejected, as is customary, the entry into Guantanamo Bay of a nuclear-powered submarine that remained until July 8 at the US military base. For the Cuban government, the action constitutes “a provocative escalation by the United States, whose political or strategic motives are unknown.”

The event and the reactions, including a statement of support from China, made almost all the headlines in the official press during the week. One day after the statements, on July 11, the Russian warship Perekop entered the port of Havana. About the reasons for the visit that aroused curiosity and a bit of speculation, not much is known either.

To top it off, a European Parliament resolution strained relations with the old continent. The document approved on July 13th condemns human rights violations in Cuba and demanded sanctions against President Miguel Díaz-Canel.

Naval bases in Cuba of the USA and Russia
It’s not a cruiser it’s a warship. That’s not important, maybe they bring Russian canned meat.
Cuba in Pisces. It’s time to finally change the objective. You are always falling into the same nets.
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