The Apologies of Agent Percy

Fernando Ravsberg

Percy Alvarado half apologized to only some of the many people he slandered.

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban security operative Percy Francisco Alvarado Godoy just apologized* for having accused several personalities and intellectuals of working against the revolution, implicating them in the plans for a cyber-war orchestrated by the United States.

Percy affirms that “honest people apologize for the mistakes and errors committed.” He speaks as if he had made a few typos or misspelled some names, though he knows perfectly well what such accusations means in Cuba.

What’s more, such accusations are more serious when they come from no other than a Cuban security agent who has a website titled Descubriendo verdades (Discovering Truths), where “declassified files” are revealed.

Doing a balancing act he has turned himself into a victim, because following his small mistake he was attacked in cyberspace; as he put it, that error “triggered an avalanche of offensive twitters against me personally from the counterrevolutionary twittersphere.”

The questions that remain for everyone — and which the agent fails to clear up — is where that contaminated information came from and who directed him in denouncing those people and others to whom he doesn’t apologize. Was he tricked, misdirected or was it simply his hurried opinion?

Whatever the reason, it turned out to be very serious, and for the apology to be accepted it deserves a more serious explanation than the one offered by this agent, especially because I don’t think that the institution he works for wants to see itself involved in such “neighborhood gossip.”

I hope that based on this commentary, Percy doesn’t also put me on the list of “enemies of the revolution paid by the empire.” It would be good if he didn’t pointlessly waste what little credibility he has left after the little “mistake” he has just committed.

(*) The following is an HT translation of Percy Alvarado’s apology.

A Necessary Apology

A few days ago I wrote the second part of a series titled “Obama Centralizes His Media War Against Cuba” (“Obama centraliza su guerra mediatica contra Cuba”) which analyzed the participation of the USIS [the US Interests Section office in Havana] and various counterrevolutionary and alternative initiatives aimed at criticizing the Cuban government and promoting subversive activities in our country.

By mistake, entirely mine, I included within those initiatives a valuable pool of intellectuals whose political and ideological positions I called into question. I am sorry for this and I apologize to them and to my readers for that unforeseen error.

Just as sages commit errors, honest people apologize for such mistakes and errors. I wish to express my personal apologies to Lina de Feria, Daniel Diaz Mantilla, Reyna Maria Rodriguez, Desiderio Navarro and Victor Fowler, for having included them in my article.

I hope they accept my apology and that this serves so that I, particularly, do a better job verifying the content of my work.

To those who seek to take advantage of this unfortunate mistake by initiating an avalanche of offensive twitters against me personally from the counterrevolutionary twittershere, as they have already begun doing, I hope they know that this apology affects neither the intention nor the claims contained in that article.

In my personal case, I am paying the price for a blunder, which I acknowledge and assume with the dignity of a revolutionary. Neither their jeers nor their attacks will divert me from the path along which I am led by my convictions.

I pray that those who know these people will help make sure this apology reaches them. For my part, I have asked various media sources to publish this.

Percy Francisco Alvarado Godoy


6 thoughts on “The Apologies of Agent Percy

  • And who will compensate the people he defamed with his lies???. It’s too easy to make an apology and continue as if he hadn’t done anything wrong, such errors should be paid for.

  • It would be just as appropriate and opportune that Percy said something similar regarding Havana Times.

  • Bravo for Percy… You have to recognize that Percy Alvarado is a morally repugnant person, but has a tremendous ability to be in the news and make himself noticed.

  • What never ceases to amaze me is the amount of hatred in the officialists blogs and comments. I guess that when you get paid to defend something you don’t believe in insulting is the easiest rhetoric.
    BTW, agent Percy already published a big screw you to Ravsberg.

  • For all the abuses that libel laws in the US invoke, this is one time where it would be helpful if Cuba permitted the same torts in the Cuban legal system. Under our system, Agent Percy would be forced to disclose the source of his misinformation. Only in the narrowly-defined case of national security, could his sources be withheld. Finally, there is nothing like the possibility of losing a multimillion dollar lawsuit to encourage one to check one’s facts BEFORE publishing a hit piece.

  • “I hope that based on this commentary, Percy doesn’t also put me on the list of ‘enemies of the revolution paid by the empire.'”

    Don’t worry, Mr Ravsberg, you’ve already put yourself onto that list of enemies of the revolution by your own efforts … and I’m sure you haven’t forgotten that you are paid by the relentlessly anti-socialist state propaganda outlet of the empire’s British satellite regime.

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