The Cuba Acoustic Files: “The Balloon that Inflates By Itself”

by Fernando Ravsberg

HAVANA TIMES – In this new chapter of the saga more alleged victims of Cuba’s fantastic acoustic weapons are coming forward. Apparently two more officials from the US Embassy would have suffered the mysterious audio attacks. The balloon continues to inflate and will surely continue to fill it with air until it bursts.

“On the basis of continuous assessments of US government personnel, we can confirm that 24 people have experienced health effects from the attacks,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said on Friday.

“As we said earlier, an investigation into the attacks in Cuba is ongoing, and we review our assessments as we receive new information,” she added.

Apparently these weapons must be of a Cuban invention because the scientists of the US Navy and secret services cannot determine what type of artifact is being used. Nor can US doctors confirm the causes of the symptoms described.

Is the Cuban military industry the most advanced in the world?

13 thoughts on “The Cuba Acoustic Files: “The Balloon that Inflates By Itself”

  • Nick, it is also well known that the US Navy has the most advanced sound technology in the world, often used in the world’s oceans to the detriment of sea life, e.g., destroying sensitive hearings of the whales and the dolphins that will eventually kill them. Nevertheless, the truth will be revealed about the sonic attacks in Havana. The US Left is just as suspicious as you are and often agrees with your concerns as mentioned by the small but increasingly growing progressive press. The larger corporate owned media in America doesn’t bother to print the concerns from the Left.

  • Terry, your comments without fail strike me as coming from the galaxy crazy Trump’s do.

  • A-ha! I thought you were implying that this was definitely a real attack and that it was perpetrated by the Cuban Government. It would seem I misinterpreted your comments then.
    As I said, for me the whole thing is a mystery.
    Were there any actual attacks?
    I would say probably yes. But I wouldn’t say there is any certainty about it.
    If there were, then the idea that it was perpetrated by officially authorised Cuban State Agents would seem to be highly unlikely. Why on earth would the Cuban Government want to damage it’s most important revenue stream – tourism?
    I would have also thought it also unlikely that dumb boy trump had ordered this (although I firmly agree with you that he is clearly a crazy individual).

    That would perhaps leave the most likely options of:
    a. Some hard-line Communist faction in Cuba that disagrees with the Cuban Government’s rapprochement with the USA (and the ‘evils of capitalism’).
    b. Some hard-line faction in Miami that disagrees with the US Government’s rapprochement with the Cuban leadership (and ‘the evils of communism’).
    For me ‘b’ would be perhaps the more likely of the two and if so (given the history), there may well have been assistance from those good ol boys in the CIA (not officially sanctioned of course). This assistance may have taken the form of the supply of the actual technology (I understand this technology to be highly specialized and difficult to get hold of – not something you can get down at your local grocery store).

    However I ain’t putting any hard earned money on it either way as the answer may well be none of the above.

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