The Fascist Nature of Putin’s Regime and the Implications

Photo: Kyiv Post

By Aleksandra Klitina (Kyiv Post)

HAVANA TIMES – The ideology of fascism in Nazi Germany was based on Hitler’s perverse mindset conveyed through Goebbels’ propaganda: all the media were completely controlled, reflecting back what Hitler and his henchmen wanted to hear.

It was this propaganda that formed in people’s minds the support for the Nazi ideas and was a catalyst for fascism taking hold.

We can easily draw parallels with modern Russia, where all the media are controlled by Putin’s government. Propaganda seeps into entertainment programs and feature films that romanticize the war in order to glorify Russians.

The basic rule of this propaganda is that white is black or black is white. There are no half-measures here. In the Russian media reality, it was ‘Kiev’ that planned the attack on the Russian puppet enclaves “DNR” and “LNR”, and the Ukrainians are Nazis.

In general, the rhetoric of the Russian propagandists has a simple goal: to justify any action of Russia against Ukraine. For a year, Russian government officials and commentators such as Soloviev, Kiselyov, and other talk shows have threatened Kyiv with “coercion for peace” and “denazification,” claiming that Ukraine is a threat to Russia and the self-proclaimed republics.

Russian television reported that Kyiv is planning terrorist attacks on Russian territory, that Ukraine does not control its own armed forces, that NATO’s infrastructure is threatening Russia’s borders, and that, in general, who knows what to expect from the Nazis?

Informational preparations for the war with Ukraine began no later than Feb. 2021. Particularly cynical is the fact that Russian propaganda uses a common victory over fascism in World War II, given that it was the Ukrainians that suffered the greatest casualties: more than 10 million people.

Here is a typical start of a discussion of the conflict on Russian TV channels:

“In a militaristic rage, Ukraine is driving all military equipment to the front line. And the commander-in-chief, a comedian, is personally encouraging the Ukrainian avengers.” News of the Week with Dmitry Kiselyov

It is necessary to depict Ukrainian people as fascists precisely in order to disguise the fascism of the Putin regime. Why fascism? Because Russia has long since become a totalitarian state, where all dissenting opposition politicians are either killed, imprisoned, or exiled.

The Nazis believed that the full mobilization of society in a totalitarian state was necessary to prepare for armed conflict. The fascist state has to be led by a strong leader (Putin in the Russian version). The government operates in a state of martial law or close to it, which ensures the strengthening of national unity and the maintenance of stability in society.

Fascism rejects the assertion that violence is a priori negative and views political violence and war as means that can ensure national development and prosperity.

The economy usually seeks to achieve autarky (economic self-sufficiency), so protectionism and economic intervention are actively used.

The extreme authoritarianism and nationalism of fascism give birth to radical racism – the pursuit of racial purity or the establishment of power by the ruling race, which provokes mass murder or genocide.

The idea of a “New Russian world” is reflected in the recognition of the “Great Russians” as the highest race. There are also less pure races, the Belarusians and the Malorussians (Ukrainians). Belarussians and Malorussians are “fraternal people” that must obey the Kremlin’s line.

US Intelligence has reported about the preparation of special lists of Ukrainians who are deemed enemies by the Putin regime. In fact, we are talking about planning concentration camps and mass killings of all those who disagree with the Russian leadership.

The question arises: why do Russians believe Putin’s propaganda? Because it is so comfortable and nice to feel that you are better than Ukrainians or Belarusians; a privileged Great Russian that controls the fate of “fraternal people”.?

Perhaps it’s cool to feel that all nations are afraid of you; being afraid means respecting you? We are lions and the entire world is afraid of us? Putin is great!?

Their consciousness rejects everything that does not fit into the comfortable picture of life.

The dismantling of Ukraine was planned in the Kremlin as a fast military operation that would take two days, from February 24 to 26. Even in the Russian press, articles anticipating victory were inadvertently published giving the game away.

But Putin’s victorious offensive failed. All Russian forces were thrown into battle to overcome Kyiv with lightning force. It didn’t happen.

Enraged, Putin decided to wage war to destroy the people of Ukraine. Russian troops fire on children’s hospitals, kindergartens, housing estates, and civilians on the streets of Kharkiv, Kyiv, Kherson, Mariupol, Chernihiv, etc.

The war crimes of the Russian army are aimed at demoralizing the people of Ukraine and to put pressure on the Ukrainian government. Putin is blackmailing the Ukrainian people: capitulate, accept the “New Russian World,” or you will be destroyed.

There is even discussion about the scale of crimes against humanity that the Russian authorities is prepared to commit and whether Putin will even decide to use nuclear weapons.

Russia will not be able to afford a long-term war in the face of complete economic collapse. Sanctions imposed by Western countries will have a significant impact, but even this is unlikely to deter Putin’s fascist regime.

Only fierce military resistance and the destruction of the regime from inside Russia can stop the Putin’s maniacal aggression that is so reminiscent of Hitler’s methods.

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  • And Lindsay is wrong to seek a HIT on Putin

    The way to TRY to topple Putin is to create mass unrest via shortages and hyperinflation and LETTING PUTIN TAKE KIEV and then send in the mili aid to insurgents – and keep Putin in UKR – and then tighten sanctions – and that will lead to food shortages and mass unemployment (as Russia is an export driven economy)

    Then Soros and CIA can start the Orange revolution

    Then at that stage,some one from the Milit MIGHT TRY TO TOPPLE Putin !


  • Russian Aeroflot just announced cancellation of ALL international flights except to Belarus starting March 8. Putin is hard at work trying to revert to Soviet Union times of poverty and despair. Good bye to Russian tourists in Cuba. Let’s watch this lunatic plunge his nation into depression. What a shame!!!

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