The First “Happy 2021”

By Aurelio Pedroso (Progreso Semanal)

Photo: Progreso Semanal

HAVANA TIMES – I’ve been hunting around for the first advert, poster, leaflet or any other resource that is used to give the good wishes for the new year.

When the same trees with the same garlands from 2019 were already back up in some Cuban households, it was the Educational channel on Cuban TV that began to play this helpful message that is in keeping with these festive times, on the evening of Monday December 7th.

Promises, politeness, manners, formality, and everything permitted to say or write that these next twelves months bring us happiness, are now on our small screens. This when nobody out on the street opens their mouths to wish these short and meaningful words, inviting us to do the same. At least as far as I have been able to see…

Congratulations to TV for getting ahead of even the private sector that works hard to offer services. In other times, these would have decorated their spaces and had a festive atmosphere in bars, cafes and restaurants.

We should be looking in the mirror

We are living in trying times, with those responsible here, there and everywhere. At home, and outside. Maybe it’s in their search for a pleasant or soothing refuge that many people turn to always controversial comparisons. When, what we should be doing, is looking in the mirror and looking for solutions that haven’t been imported.

We will arrive to 2021, with COVID-19 next to us. Rising infection numbers are putting various provinces in a tough spot, as they are now in the “new-normal” phase. The Cuban vaccine is still being tested, and we hope it will be available soon.  In the meantime, all precautions to control and stop the spread must be taken.  

January won’t be any different to this December. A Happy 2021 will be welcome. We need it. Something like a challenge for everyone to make it just that.

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One thought on “The First “Happy 2021”

  • The “Happy” in cuba would when it’s young people get rid of Castro. As the great writer, Emping Ao, once said, “No greater love than to quash tyranny”.

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