The Human Right to Free Expression

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By Xel2 (El Toque)

HAVANA TIMES – This week we have drawn on one of the fundamental human rights: the right to freedom of expression.

This right is vital so that the media can guarantee transparency and demand accountability from public and government authorities. Both the authorities and the media should defend the freedom of speech and prevent the spread of hateful or discriminatory messages or promote violence or manipulate data or evidence.

Today, in Cuba, freedom of expression has been curtailed. The persecution of people because of their ideas is a sign of sick societies that cannot argue their reasons and use violence and repression.

It is not a media war scenario, but instead a new context in which digital media broke the communicational hegemony of the official propaganda media.

Now anyone with a phone can make their judgment. Likewise, the genie can’t be returned to its lamp.

Wimar Verdecia Fuentes

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2 thoughts on “The Human Right to Free Expression

  • They can’t shut everyone up, and even if they did, Cuba is not only the country, it is the people.

  • José Marti said that it was the duty of citizens to demonstrate for what they believed in. And he looks down on every public space in Cuba. Would he like what he sees?

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