Those Who Hate to Hate

By Matraca (El Toque)

HAVANA TIMES – The Cuban government has canceled, annulled and prohibited dozens of Cuban artists, intellectuals and citizens from returning to the island for years. The reason, they have disagreed with state policies or have spoken publicly against the system. These repressive mechanisms, moreover, are top-down and it is useless to appeal the arbitrariness. Impunity reigns.

However, when artists and intellectuals who have supported government policies in various ways begin to be prevented from presiding over certain international festivals or singing in certain halls, representatives of the state come out to “vigorously protest” and affirm that it is “hatred and revenge of the Cuban rightists abroad.

“Those who align themselves with the side of those who hate pressured the organizers of the event,” said the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba in a message in support of the poet Nancy Morejón.

Morejon was going to be the honorary president of the Marché de la Poésie in Paris, but after a campaign initiated by the Cuban writer Jacobo Machover and supported by the French Pen Club, the organizers of the event saw fit to withdraw her honorary presidency.

On the other hand, Cuba continues to be a surreal scenario: Cubans experience deprivations of all kinds and influencers film themselves and enjoy themselves in the Caribbean “paradise”.

Only for haters. (On Sale)
Down with the campaign to cancel shows of Cuba artists. Cancel the documentar of Juan Pin, Cancel the music of Celia Cruz, Cancel books by Reynaldo Arenas, Cancel…
Worm!, stateless!, mercenary! CIA agent!, Down with Human Rights!, Hey, why are they cancelling Nancy Morejon and Buena Fe? So much hate!
Don’t be afraid of success. The order to be like the Mallorca of the Caribbean has been issued.
Cuba, the new destination for infuencers. Hurry, apply the filter…

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