Twenty-First Century Parasites

HAVANA TIMES — ¡Comrades in the struggle for 21st Century Socialism:  Commander Chavez will inspire our struggle!  And at the same time, he can still give us something to eat…

Cartoon by Manuel Guillen/
Cartoon by Manuel Guillen/

6 thoughts on “Twenty-First Century Parasites

  • The cartoon says it best Cort

  • Chavez was at the controls, and any individual with even an ounce of sense could see where he was taking Venezuela. It wasn’t “the failure of capitalism and reformism” that destroyed that poor afflicted country, but rather a couple of self-declared “Socialists” clowns/tyrants who performed that “service”. I will give them this; it takes real talent to destroy a nation with the vast natural resources that Venezuela has….but Chavez, Maduro, and their crowd sure did the trick!

  • The fattest parasites feeding on the corpse that was Venezuela are the bloodsucking Castros. The parasites have suceeded in killing the host and are now moving on to attack & infest the next victim, Colombia.

  • President Chavez is not to blame for what is happening now, he and others warned of this. In fact if you read his last public speech “Change Course” you would realize this. It is the failure of capitalism and reformism, a corrupt bureaucracy, the economic war and failed policies to combat it and the Maduro government which has capitulated to the national bourgeois by giving them preferential dollars, allowing them to ignored laws and the constitution, brought them into government ministries and has given them control over the economy.

  • LOL!

  • As the food stores are empty and the inflation rate is the highest in the world, it is necessary to look elsewhere for sustenance, but consuming even more of Chavez can only lead to indigestion.

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