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Antony Blinken, Asistant Secretary of State.
Antony Blinken, Deputy US Secretary of State.  Photo: voanews.com

HAVANA TIMES — US Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken has just stated in an interview that “the embargo had good intentions. It reflected the fact that, at the time, the Cuban government denied its citizens basic rights and represented a security threat through its alliance with the USSR. But it was not efficacious in terms of achieving its objectives. The logical thing to do is to try something different. We believe that establishing relations is the best way of reaching the objectives that those who supported the embargo had.”

To say that the economic embargo had “good intentions” is a fallacy to anyone who knows that it sought to bring about hunger, poverty and despair among the Cuban people and push it to rebel against its government, as declassified US State Department documents from the time reveal.

To openly acknowledge that these new relations aim to “reach the objectives that those who supported the embargo had” is rather arrogant, for it reveals that the outcome they foresee, a change in government, is an inevitable consequence of this new tactic. It is incredible that, following Barack Obama’s acknowledgement that the economic embargo was defeated, they should continue to underestimate Cuba.

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29 thoughts on “USA: New Cuba Policies for Old Aims

  • Mr. Consent, I believe you are misinformed. I guess, according to you, no one connected to the Batistianos and Mafiosi in Cuba ever saw Miami, before or after 1952 and 1959, uh?

  • Not totally true. A lot of Batista’s henchmen went to the US which refused to extradite them back, one of the issues that soured the relationship between the two countries. Many were later recruited into the Bay of Pigs fiasco including one of the worst torturers who was to get control of security in Cuba once the invasion had taken place. But I don’t know anything about the piano.

  • You ask: “Have I ever read in detail how Poder Popular operates?” My question for you is, have you ever steped outside and into the real world? John, I experienced your fantasy if poder popular.

    I don’t know why you expect Cuba to go back a “very democratic methods”, as you put it, which it’s never had. What leads you to believe this. Certainly not history.

    You really need to get out into the real world John. Open your eyes to the reality and nog the fantasy that’s written down by the Cuban Coomunist Party

  • I do have to keep quoting the Oxford English Dictionary to you Mr. Goodrich!
    Cat’s paw:
    a person who is used by another typically to carry out an unpleasant or dangerous task.
    But I respect your desire to learn! Better yet, why not buy your own dictionary?

  • Why do you insist that the only alternative for Cuba to the Castro family regime dictatorship is some form of US control. You seem to have an ignorance of other alternatives.
    My preference for Cuba is a free multi-party system based on the Westminster model. As a free country capitalism would form the economic base as it does for all the economically successful countries.
    I understand Mr. Goodrich that my statements will make you metaphorically and perhaps literally, froth at the mouth, but you asked!
    Don’t bother with the usual tirade, take it as read!

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