Venezuela and Cuba Today (cartoon)

“Stop bothering me Maduro, your dancing about takes away my concentration.”  Cartoon by Manuel Guillen/


HAVANA TIMES – In Venezuela the clamour of the economic, social and political crisis continues to rise, while in Cuba the concern is over cheap oil with favorable terms. Many believe that the decisions of the government of Nicolas Maduro are made in Havana.

9 thoughts on “Venezuela and Cuba Today (cartoon)

  • ¿quee?? jajajaja la unica ideologia dictatorial es la que los EEUU nos ha impuesto en America Latina

  • CErmle, posting personal contact information on a public discussion forum is stupid, how could you not know that?

    I am happy to private message you my casa address in Centro Havana or email it to you too, IF you promise to actually come to Cuba so you can see it with your own eyes.

    You already know my real name.

  • I’d like your address please,exact location, and your real name. Thanks for the invite. Thank you.

  • WTF does your comment have to do with this thread? Trump is indeed a nightmare but on his worst day, he beats Maduro hands down.

  • How Cuba, a poor small country was able to sap the wealth of a much larger and wealthy country is the stuff of the legendary Fidel working his spell. Without firing a shot, Fidel took over Venezuela and put it to use spreading his ideology and for good measure got them to fund his own country. It did not work out for Venezuela, but Cuba has done very well by the arrangement.

  • Thanks for (as usual) contributing absolutely nothing whatsoever to the subject at hand.

    If you ever want to venture out of your safe bubble my offer still stands to be your Havana guide so you can actually see Cuba and form your own informed opinions.

  • You’re lucky you don’t live in the capitalist empire of Trumpism.

  • Hard to say who’s worse here.

    What a disaster these two governments are.

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