Venezuela and the Right to Protest

The peopld have the right to struggle, to rebellion against the grave economic policies!!!  No more repression of the people in our sister countries!!!  (FAES are the Venezuelan special forces.)  A fair salary now for teachers!!!  (PSUV is the governing Socialist Party.)

HAVANA TIMES – In Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro takes advantage of the events in countries such as Ecuador, Chile, Spain to show solidarity with the right to struggle, to rebellion and in repudiation of repression.

But in his country… the terrible economic crisis has deteriorated the quality of life of a large part of the population, especially in the entire education sector, who maintain a peaceful protest to demand that the government comply with the labor specifications as well as a fair salary adjusted to the hyperinflationary reality to which they have subjected the people.

At present, teachers, or to any worker for that matter, the minimum wage is only enough to pay their ticket to work and return home.

Under the slogan “You can’t teach when hungry” it is possible that this conflict will extend despite reprisals of any kind that the government can take.