Venezuela’s Bottomless Barrel in USD

By Onaí

HAVANA TIMES – In Venezuela, in addition to the pandemic, the shortage of fuel (gasoline and diesel) continues and the problems that this generates are increasing. These include corruption, influence peddling, violence and food shortages.

There is less and less opportunity to acquire, in a dignified way, this product or its derivatives. More and more service stations or gas stations are being privatized, benefiting only those who can pay with dollars.

We have gone from being an oil-producing country to a dependent one on the external refinement of other countries such as China, Iran and Russia.

The fuel that we import does not reach all who need it because “Venezuela now does not belong to everyone”, it belongs to the privileged sectors of the right and the new Bolivarian bourgeoisie, partners in the “Revolutionary” Government, which today line their pockets at the expense of the terrible crisis we live as a nation.

They fill up and the population goes without.

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