By Circles Robinson, editor

HAVANA TIMES – Dear Readers, incredibly Havana Times will arrive at its tenth anniversary in October of this year, bringing you non-stop news and commentary from Cuba, as well as some other Latin American coverage especially from Venezuela and Nicaragua, close allies of the Cuban government.

After being a self-financed publication for all these years, Havana Times now needs reader support to keep going.

On the following link are two short videos one of our contributors helped put together that will give you a feel for our journalistic efforts and challenges. Please take a few minutes to watch them.

4 thoughts on “Why Havana Times Needs Your Support

  • On behalf of all the people involved, thanks for your kind words.

  • Thank you for your commitment in making Havana Times a reality! Thank you to all writers & support staff for providing readers like myself valuable information, interesting insight and respectful debates. With merit to your goals, may financial support campaign reach beyond the height of expectations!

  • No, from the start we have had no interest in looking for support from anything to do with the US government or Congress and their interventionist foreign policy.

  • Have you tried the NED ? They probably like your message.

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