Why Laugh at the Physically Handicapped?

Mercedes Gonzalez Amade

HAVANA TIMES — Cubans by nature are cheerful and laugh at their own problems. It’s a way to approach life with enthusiasm. In our country there are many comedians, some good and some who try to be.

However I had a very embarrassing experience when visiting the Mella Theater, especially after having had to overcome a thousand problems to get a ticket.

Everything was going well until a group called “La Oveja Negra” began to imitate people with physical defects, denigrating those who suffer from them.

I felt uncomfortable, offended, finding nothing funny at all in their act, but seeing the audience — with all the culture our people have — laughing and enjoying themselves at others’ expense.

Maybe this was because there were only two people there in wheelchairs: an old man and I.

Not everyone who says they’re comedians knows how to do it well. I know it’s a work alternative, a career, and a way of earning a living. But to address the public, humor should be intelligent, respectful and most of all, original so that everyone can enjoy it.

My son, an 11-year-old boy who helps me out with most things, asked me: “Mommy, why do they make fun of people who are handicapped?”


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