Why Some Tourists Won’t Repeat Their Trip to Cuba

By Fernando Ravsberg

The Comodoro Hotel
The Comodoro Hotel

HAVANA TIMES — This past weekend I was at the Comodoro Hotel in Havana’s Playa municipality, which was full of tourists.  However, the elevator didn’t work, the remote controls for the room TVs were “lost” and there wasn’t a drop of water to bathe or flush the toilet.

But when we sat down in the lobby bar a miracle occurred right out of a Garcia Marquez novel; there was a leak dripping right above us. We moved to another table since no one could define what the liquid was, considering that it couldn’t be water.

At the front desk they barely catered to the tourists arriving one after another to complain. “I cannot be everywhere at once,” said the manager who explained with a sadness that was pitiful: “I don’t have an operator, I either attend calls or attend to you.”

Finally he was able to attend to the tourists and started with a South American about 40 years old on the brink of despair because: “I arrived with a baby, I had to climb 4 floors flights of stairs carrying my bags and when I entered the room it was unmade and without water.”

These sad realities do not appear on the Cuban TV news in national newspapers and in the speeches from the Ministry of Tourism but they are what will determine that, after the boom for visiting Cuba, tourists return to the island or say “never again”.

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  • May 14, 2016 at 10:18 am

    It is a good problem. They need demand to drive investment. They have a window of time to build fast enough to establish sustainable tourist sector that can replace assistance from Brazil, Venezuela and Angola that are drying up. They have a good start, they can make it work.

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