A Look at Havana’s Architectural Heritage

Photo Feature by Ernesto Gonzalez

HAVANA TIMES — Nearly five centuries old, the city of Havana boasts a highly eclectic architecture, drawing from styles as different as the Gothic, futurism, the Baroque, cubism and art deco.

The photos below show some of the city’s most renowned buildings and monuments, such as the Habana Libre Hotel, the Focsa building, the Somellan, a number of sculptures found at the Colon Cemetery (one of the world’s largest and most famous).

There is also the Christ of Havana (located across the bay, in the neighborhood of Casablanca), sculptures that decorate the façade of the Havana Grand Theatre, the Maine monument (on Havana’s ocean drive), the clock tower on 5th Avenue, the Giraldilla (one of the city’s emblems) and other sites that make up the city’s architectural heritage.

I have not retouched these photos and have only applied a black and white or sepia filter to achieve an image that captures some of the mystique that permeate some of these monuments. Some photos have been taken against the light in order to achieve the same effect.

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4 thoughts on “A Look at Havana’s Architectural Heritage

  • Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. I can’t wait to explore and see them in person.

  • Ah the Cuba that was…so sad.

  • It is note worthy that all of these examples of beautiful Cuba architecture were created before the “triumph” of the revolution. Since then, the only contribution the revolution has made to Cuban architecture have been hideous Stalinist concrete stadiums and apartment blocks, and the steady decay and collapse of Cuba’s grande architectural heritage into ruins.

  • Beautiful photos. I cracked up with laughter the first time I saw the Jose Marti statue on the Malecon near the anti-Imperialist Plaza in Havana. It’s the one where Marti is pointing north towards the US with his outstretched left arm and holding an infant in his right. You gotta’ love the Cuban sense of humor because they say that the inscription should read “This way to freedom”.

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