A Look at La Lisa, Havana



HAVANA TIMES — One of the main arteries of Marianao, Havana is 51st Ave.  On its route west we come to the La Lisa bridge which marks the entrance to the municipality with the same name.

La Lisa is bordered to the north by Playa, to the west by Marianao, to the south-southwest by Boyeros and to west by Bauta.

The municipality is made up by numerous towns and communities including, El Cano, Guatao, San Agustín, Arroyo Arenas y Punta Brava. Important institutions are located here, including the Frank Pais International Scientific-Orthopedic Complex and Perdro Kouri Tropical Medicine Institute.

Here’s a photo essay of the territory.

View of the Military Hospital
View of the Military Hospital

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One thought on “A Look at La Lisa, Havana

  • An interesting series of photographs. For those who don’t know Cuba – and it is obvious that several of the Castro regime supporters who contribute to these pages don’t.
    They should note that the back of a blue truck in the first image is actually a bus of the type in use for the general public as compared with Chinese coaches for tourists.
    Although the regime trumpets about their environmental policies, image number 2 shows fumes being emitted from old vehicles and that is commonplace.
    Image 5 shows weeds growing out of a pothole in a street – truly reflecting again that which is commonplace in Cuba of neglected infrastructure.
    Image 13 is a good picture of typical hovels.
    Image 17 illustrates why when asked to describe Cuba in one word, I responded “crumbling”.
    Image 25 sadly shows a polluted stream in which garbage is visible.
    Image 27 shows typical homes beside a stream with garbage littered banks – again typical when away from the tourist routes of Old Havana, Siboney and Mirimar.
    There may be those who hold the general population responsible for the garbage littered streams, streets and rural areas. But the problem is that although regular garbage collection ocuurs in Old Havana, Mirimar and Siboney where the Castros reside, it is very infrequent in areas such as La Lisa, Marianoa and Alamar where the so-called “mass’ reside.

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