Back to School in Cuba 2014-15


Photo Feature by Elio Delgado Valdés and Juan Suárez

HAVANA TIMES — The new school year began on Monday in Cuba for students of all ages, from pre-school to university. From the early morning hours students and parents were out on the street heading for the first day ceremonies and orientations.

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4 thoughts on “Back to School in Cuba 2014-15

  • There is a difference Dan. The US inflation statistics are confirmed by numerous bodies – those in Cuba by none.
    US emplyoyment figures have been dubious for many years. I at one time negotiated an agreement for the temporary employment of Mexicans in Western Canada. US Agriculture officially maintained that all the Mexican workers in the fruit and vegetable sectors had green cards – the wetbacks apparently did not exist. They then maintained that their farmers only employed Mexicans with green cards, failing to note that the Mexican wetbacks were predominantly employed by gangers who contracted them to the farmers.

  • Thanks for your excellent foto-essay, Elio and Juan! I really loved the fotos of students with their mothers (and in a few cases, their fathers, too). How much they remind me of students here in the States. There is something universal about beginning school each year. My youngest daughter started as a freshman last week at one university, my oldest daughter as a senior at another, so now we are “empty nesters.” Drove by the local high school this afternoon. During most of the last decade my wife and I have attended countless soccer- and ice-hockey games, also football games, plus concerts, dramas, art exhibits, parent-teacher conferences, etc. Now other generations–both of parents and of students–pass through their doors. Looking at the faces of the students, some serious, some laughing, some bored, makes me wonder what lies ahead for them in life. I hope for the best.
    Like those of the youthful Erasmo, on anther of today’s posts, they evoke a certain sense of wonder, of the passing of time and of future potential. Again, I wish them the best!

  • Welcome to the world. It’s like US unemployment or inflation statistics.

  • According regime’s information there is a deficit of teachers of around 7%…… if regime says 7% it must be in reality 17% as minimum …… we all are used to regime fake statistics.

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