Walking around Santiago de Cuba


Fotorreportaje por Onel

HAVANA TIMES— This is the second part to my “emotional exploration of Cuba’s east.” The journey continues in the “always heroic” Santiago de Cuba, today “hospitable” (if you’re foreign, people will be charismatic and know “how to treat you” in the noisy and inclined streets of the city).

The stark contrasts of this, the sunniest city in Cuba, are always a rewarding experience. The city has doubtless not lost its spirit as the cradle of son music, the first place where African slaves were brought to on the island or the first sip of coffee, things one can still breath in standing in front of every façade forgotten by the Office of the City Historian or every stone that has been witness to the passage of time.

This photo feature is dedicated to all those walls.

Bon appetit!

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One thought on “Walking around Santiago de Cuba

  • Your fotos bring back fond memories. Thanks for sharing your impressions of “The Heroic City!” Hope to be back for another visit this Sept. and Oct., this time sharing it with a friend who will be visiting for the first time. Am preparing for the heat, though, which is still pretty overwhelming for us Northerners. Hope to avoid bad weather (escaped two weeks ahead of Sandy the last time I was there). Your foto of the moto reminded me of their ubiquitous sounds on the streets of Santiago, even at 3:00 a.m.! Is the foto of the boys playing soccer taken at the Plaza Marti? One of my favorite hangouts, especially since, unlike the Parque Cespedes or the Plaza de Dolores, I am never molested by jinateros/as, but could enjoy pleasant afternoons sitting on a bench reading and chatting with folks who were also just relaxing.

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