Chasing Sunsets around Cuba

Atardecer en la ucara de la playa Siboney.
Atardecer en la playa Siboney.

Photo Feature by Dariela Aquique

HAVANA TIMES — One of the most beautiful things that nature gives us each day is to be a witness to the last hour of sunlight.

So, sometimes when I feel nostalgic, I take my out my camera to chase sunsets. And there it is: the twilight in perfect harmony with the horizon. No matter if it is a coastline, a panorama setting or the silhouettes that make any city perimeters.

The sunsets have been blessed muse for poets and minstrels, for mystics and ungodly, for romantics and heroes. It’s like a spell that brief moment when the star goes into hiding. Behind comes the night and its mysteries…

Like a magic repeated countless times, tomorrow, we can go back to witness it again. For now I want to offer you these snapshots I’ve taken when I’m out there, chasing sunsets.

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