Christmas Eve and Midnight Mass in Cuba


Photo Feature by Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES — The traditional midnight mass was held at the Havana Cathedral last night with Cardinal Jaime Ortega presiding. HT was on hand to capture the moment.

Earlier in the day we took some pictures around the capital which we also share with you. Some reflect the last minute rush for purchases at stores, others of windows with messages referring to the anniversary of the Revolution. Some of the pictures seem like any ordinary day of the year while others project an optimism characteristic with the date.


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6 thoughts on “Christmas Eve and Midnight Mass in Cuba

  • That can be verified by a few others who have duel citizenship and are married to Cuban citizens. I know this personally having corresponded via email whenever they leave the country. The other problem, which was also relayed, no internet connection outside of the major cities. It’s illegal to have satellite dishes. This is from a person who was naive several months ago but has been enlightened by this blog site and the folks who have the courage to express their views.

  • Maybe you are pleased but I make my wife a little nervous. Nonetheless, I am careful to never use their names or addresses. Very sad but better to be safe.

  • It is good to know that the majority of the (fairly well-educated) Cubans do not put as much emphasis on the Jesus/God legends as do the clownish Americans .
    It would be better to celebrate something based on truth .
    Religion teaches one to desire to be a slave in a totalitarian eternity.
    Humanity would be better off leaving these false and immoral beliefs to our primitive racial childhood.
    For the atheists and anti-theists out there :
    Request ” Christianity Is False and Immoral: Hitchens ” at You Tube and watch the 13-minute clip of Hitchens destroying both Christianity and Judaism as the title implies.

  • I am pleased to see that you can report the views of your family in Cuba without the fear of government repression.

  • Interesting observation. Despite the stress of competition, the threat of crime and violence and the constant barrage from Madison Avenue, I think the existence of hope that tomorrow will be better than today is what sustains the world’s leading economic system. Some may argue that it’s a false hope but a hope just the same. Even among my intimate circle of Cuban family and friends, there is little if any hope that Cuba will be better tomorrow UNLESS there is a major intervention of all things American. Sad really, that the basis of Cuban hope is grounded in things outside their control. Very sad.

  • Great photos and a gift to see those celebrating Mass at the Cathedral. My overall thoughts by looking at these pictures is almost zero smiles outside of the Church on an eve that’s generally viewed as a happy occasion. Some very sad looking people with little hope in their eyes or perhaps I’m mistaken. Forward to Erasmo Calzadilla’s post on visiting San Diego and his photos and perhaps the debate as to which system is better is easily discernible! The evil empire wins hands down in my view.

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