First National Seed Fair in Cuba and its Big Challenge


Photo Feature by Luis Rondon Paz

HAVANA TIMES – With the slogan “Seeds comes first”, the first National Seed Fair began on April 20, at the popular fairground in the municipality of Boyeros, in Havana. According to official media, “more than 140 exhibitors from all agricultural spheres participated.” They exhibited their products and advances in the field of genetics aimed at the island’s agroindustry.

This sector has been severely depressed for decades, because it is unable to meet the demand in the country, despite the availability of sufficient qualified personnel to solve the food problem. Cuba still imports the majority of the food consumed and funds for imports are limited.

The products brought to the fair by the participants seem to be promising: a great variety of tubers, vegetables, medicinal plants, seeds and innovative ways to achieve their production in a healthy and ecological environment.

However, the great challenge of the farm sector is to produce and transport enough products with variety and the required quality, at affordable prices for the population in the state and private outlets throughout the country.

The first seed fair in Cuba closed its exhibition agenda, now let’s hope that it brings some results.

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  • I am Canadian and visit your beautiful country every year. Would I be able to bring seeds into Cuba? Is it legal? If it’s legal, I would gladly bring seeds to help the Cuban people.

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