Gaza Bombing Destruction: Special to HT

Photo Essay by Julie Webb-Pullman

HAVANA TIMES, August 20 — On Friday afternoon I hired a car with another woman and went around Gaza to see some of the devastation wrought by Israeli attacks overnight.

We were warned it might not be safe, as we drove to the accompaniment of the humming of drones, and the distant roar of F16s and occasional explosions.

This photo essay is only a little of what we saw, and it is impossible to convey the feelings of anger, frustration and rage mixed with overwhelming sadness and grief at the wanton destruction and human suffering we encountered. And this is only Day One of Israel’s latest claim to shame.

Despite Hamas, the Popular Resistance Committees, and every other Gazan organization denying responsibility for the attacks in Eilat, Israeli authorities have cynically used the deaths of some of its citizens to deflect attention from its internal protests and problems to attack an innocent population in yet another blatant example of collective punishment in breach of international law.

These pictures show only too clearly the real targets of Israel – mosques, homes, businesses, parks – and innocent people.

The international community – and especially the United Nations – cannot and should not be complicit, through their inaction, in the shedding of any more Palestinian blood.

There is absolutely NO justification for the current attacks on Gaza, and the Israeli rogue state must be reigned in immediately.

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2 thoughts on “Gaza Bombing Destruction: Special to HT

  • Could you please update us on the drought situation in Cuba, thank you.

  • I am assuming that you will be driving through Ashodod, Ashkelon, and Be’er Sheva to observe the destruction that bombs and missles from the gaza strip have caused on Israeli areas in the past few days? Then you will see “only too clearly” the real targets of the people of Gaza – schools, homes, businesses, parks, restaurants, buses, roads – and especially innocent people.
    I would like to remind you that Israel does these attacks as retaliation, to defend its people. The residents of Gaza and members of Hamas? They do it so that people like you will drive through Gaza and see the poor underdogs, then post articles like these in order to convince the world that Israel is evil.
    There are more than 25 Muslim counties. There is only one Jewish country. Israel has a right to defend its self.

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