Havana Billboards and Signs 2016

Photo Feature by Juan Suarez

Foto: Juan Suarez
Foto: Juan Suarez


HAVANA TIMESBillboards and painted wall messages in Cuba are used mainly for political and educational messages.  These are some of the ones currently visible around the capital.

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5 thoughts on “Havana Billboards and Signs 2016

  • I agree 100%

  • These photos are certainly far from being esthetic. Great education though seeing what the average person witnesses in Cuba. Regarding Fidel Castro, he got a rousing send off and it looks like there were genuine tears. How was it where you live Carlyle?

  • The condom ad looks good. Amazing photos.

  • Fortunately they used disposable materials. One day, only a few will survive to make it to museum exhibits. The country side will be clear of this pollution.

  • The Department of Propaganda of the Communist Party of Cuba will continue if not accelerate promotion of the Cult of the Personality which is an inherent part of their political system.
    Juan Suarez could have added so many other such posters by visiting regime offices at municipal, provincial and national level, schools and post offices. All are swamped with similar posters and slogans as a form of approved regime graffiti.
    Such posters, hoardings, bill boards and graffiti are not confined to Havana, but blot the beautiful country from one end to the other.
    Every now and then there are changes in the images and slogans as illustrated during the last eighteen months by replacing posters of Raul Castro in military uniform with the new image of him as a statesman wearing smart suits and silk ties. He remains however dressed, as a ruthless Dictator.

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