Havana Works to Recover from the Tornado

Photo Feature by Luis Enrique González Muñoz

HAVANA TIMES – A week later the tornado hit several neighborhoods of the Cuban capital I returned to the municipalities of Regla and Guanabacoa, where I first took some images. The streets are now almost completely cleared of rubble and traces of landslides, allowing people to move about more easily.

Many residents who had total losses of their homes are engaged full time in their reconstruction. Without delays, the Government delivered all kinds of construction materials free of charge to those most in need, in addition to mobilizing brigades of masons from the different contingents that exist in the capital, which together with the owners are giving a rapid recovery of damaged homes.

Also present in the neighborhoods is the Telecommunications Company of Cuba (Etecsa), which activated several public telephones, for three-minute calls without cost. 

The young people that make up the Active Obligatory Military Service are also present, assisting the owners to complete the collection of what was left of their belongings.

Organizations and institutions of all sectors help in one way or another, giving away clothing or cooperating with residents in what is necessary. We can also see an improvised dining area, so that those who work tirelessly can get the much needed lunch in the days like these that occur without respite and from sunrise to sunset.

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