Homes in Miramar, Havana


Photo Feature by Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES — There are times when readers note that we often capture the decaying side of Havana in our photo features. Yes, while the sad state of buildings in many areas of the city stands out to any visitor or resident, there are those people in today’s Cuba who have the financial resources to keep up their homes. Today we bring you a small sample.

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One thought on “Homes in Miramar, Havana

  • Mirimar houses many of the foreign embassies. In consequence the staff of those embassies seek houses within reasonable proximity of their work. Alone amongst foreigners, embassy and full time commercial companies staff working under agreements with the Castro regime are able to own and drive cars an activity not permitted to other foreigners. Government organizations like MINREX are also located in Mirimar. The housing is in consequence not representative of the Cuban norm. Further west there is Siboney with for example properties owned by Cubans but financed by their family members in the US , particularly in Miami. Siboney also is home to members of the Castro family regime. It is good however that examples of Cuban architecture and gracious living, built prior to the Castros coming to power are still being maintained. A walk down the boulevard of 5th Avenue in Mirimar gaves a taste of the past.

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