How Rural Cuba Celebrates New Years


Photo feature by Lorenzo Crespo Silveira

HAVANA TIMES — The following pictures I wish to share with you were taken during the New Year festivities held at one of the remote communities of Niceto Perez, Guantanamo, expressive of the customs of Cuban farmers. They were taken using my cell phone, as my digital camera has been without a card for some days now.

You will see two ways in which pigs are roasted: the traditional method, using a stick, and on a grill – both offering good results in terms of taste.


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8 thoughts on “How Rural Cuba Celebrates New Years

  • Lol …yes absolutely! Much like guests at house party tend to congregate around the kitchen. A party where Lechon is being roasted tends to have people congregate, drink in hand, around, around la caja China. (Brilliant product name by the way)

  • Well the sushi and Chinese food was fantastic in Hawaii. I also found other dishes to be quite good. Just the pork and of course the poi was bland.

    Cuban good itself can also be a bit bland for my palette. I agree that Mecan food, with its Spanish, French and indigenous influences, to be superior.

  • Lived in Hawaii for 10 years IC and Hawaiian food was bland and in my world not good. Used to take Hawaiian clients to their choice of local restaurants and it was pure torture. Cuban food, as I’ve had on the mainland, is extremely good but over all Mexican is my favorite.

  • Part of cooking the pig Cuban-style is the socializing while the pig is being roasted over the fire. In as much as someone has to turn the pig over the charcoals and baste the pig, constant vigilance is required. The rum and beer-driven conversations are the second best part of meal. Hawaiian-style roast pig is less interactive. Once you bury the pig, the interaction stops until it’s time to dig it up. Plus, there is no rum.

  • I’ve had roast pig in Hawaii the traditional way, cooked in a pit covered with banana leaves. I found the way Hawaiians prepared it to be rather bland, especially when you are used to having it Criollo style.

  • I deduct you and Moses aren’t Vegans! Just kidding but great shots and Lorenzo for the photos and info. Growing up in NYC never saw that but living in Hawaii we did have Kalua Pig.

  • A tradition the Cubans diaspora has taken with them. Here in Miami we use the “Caja China” to roast our pigs to a crispy delicious finish. Its very common to have una “piernita” or “lechon entero” for the holidays.

  • It looks barbaric. …..but it tastes so good!

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