Leonardo Da Vinci in Havana

Photo Feature por Elio Delgado Valdes

HAVANA TIMES — The Genius of Leonardo Da Vinci is the title of an exhibition permanently installed in the White Hall of the Museum of Sacred Art of the Minor Basilica of the Convent of St. Francis of Assisi in Old Havana.

The exhibition is the result of cultural exchange between Italy and Cuba and is a collection donated to the country by the Italian Anthropos Foundation and organized in Cuba with the collaboration of the Havana Historian’s Office.

It presents a variety of objects built from plans designed by Leonardo, who showed in his time, a concern about the movement, which still astonishes the world.

Visitors to the exhibition can interact directly with machines designed by the Renaissance genius and built under the supervision of specialists, artisans of Milan, in his hometown. The reproductions were basically made of wood, leather and fabric, basically.

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One thought on “Leonardo Da Vinci in Havana

  • . . . Doubt and skepticism arise in my mind about the validity of this exhibit when I look at the fourth picture in the series, which obviously purports to be a bicycle complete with a pedaling mechanism and drive-train to the rear axle, but on the other hand fails to have a forward frame headset axle to turn the vehicle! I really doubt Da Vinci would design a bike that could not be turned! In any case, it would be better if the pictures were accompanied by descriptions of their purpose, as many models are too arcane to guess.

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