‘Living Together’ on Display in Centro Havana

Irina Echarry

HAVANA TIMES — Reina Street, traveled daily by thousands of people, guards a secret. On one of its corners (where it intersects with Manrique St. to be precise), an opaque glass door with the number 219 on it separates one reality from another.

Inside, clarity and silence envelop the visitor. Behind that door remains the noise, dust and soot. This is the Alcazar studio-workshop.

There, on the rainy evening of May 3, opened the exhibition “Living Together,” by William Perez and Marlys Fuego, which consists of recent works by the two artists.

Each artist rediscovers the world around them through installations and sculptures in various formats – made using aluminum, wood, fabric, acrylic or sequins.

William almost dispenses with color to show us his concern for rhinoceros. Contrastingly, his acrylic drawings are of common objects, like a shovel or a piano.

Marlys, however, intentionally abuses the brightest colors and satin fabrics (employing kitsch? pop?) to reveal the intimacy of a young girl (using her own face), her fetishes, her erotic world and her quest for identity.

The two artists are participating in the Bienal de la Habana arts festival, that opened Friday and continues through June 11th.

Throughout the month of May, you will be able to view “Living Together,” an exhibition that brings together two different aesthetics under one ceiling, the high ceiling of the Alcazar.

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