Luyano, Havana in Pictures

Luyano, HavanaPhoto Feature by Ernesto González Diaz and Luis Enrique Gonzalez Muñoz

HAVANA TIMES — Located in the municipality of 10 de Octubre, Havana’s neighborhood of Luyano is a large urban quarter bordering with Santos Suarez and Lawton.

The Calzada de Luyano, the avenue where most of the photographs below were taken, a busy, cafeteria-filled thoroughfare that cut across the neighborhood. The area’s funeral parlor, polyclinic, Baptist church and Hijas de Galicia Maternity and Pediatric Hospital, which services the residents of 10 de Octubre  and San Miguel del Padron, are also located on this avenue.

Luyano, HavanaDuring our visit, we were also able to take a number of photos of the well-known Catholic church Nuestra Señora de la Guardia (“Our Lady of the Guard”), the popular Fabrica park and a number of street vendors selling vegetables and flowers.

Luyano is a typical Havana neighborhood: full of humble, hard-working and jovial people.

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