Marianao, Havana 2014


Photo Feature by Luis Enrique González Muñoz

HAVANA TIMES — Marianao is one of the 15 municipalities that make up the greater city of Havana, bordered on the east and west by the Almendares and Quibú rivers. In this photo feature we can see places such as the Jesús Menéndez sports complex, the 100 and 51 street amphitheater, the 124th Ave promenade with its statue of José Martí, the Obelisk built in 1944 in honor to prominent physician and researcher Dr. Carlos J Finlay, which served as a beacon for planes coming in and out of the airport in the former Columbia military barracks, today the Freedom City school complex, and several important health institutions including the Juan M. Marquez Pediatric and Working Women’s Maternity Hospital and the Ramón Pando Ferrer Ophthalmology Institute.

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One thought on “Marianao, Havana 2014

  • Excellent photographs of the real Havana seen by few tourists but home to more Cubans than Siboney. No UNESCO funding there! Marianoa reflects the reality of the Castro regime. It is there that you can hire a taxi particular to take you to other towns and cities.

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