Photo Feature by Juan Suarez and Elio Delgado Valdes

The Cuban Workers parade included banners in support of Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro. Photo: Elio Delgado Valdes


HAVANA TIMES – As is the case year after year, International Workers’ Day in Cuba was promoted by the government, Communist Party and the Cuban Workers’ Federation (CTC) as a day of celebration instead of one of worker demands as in other countries.

The event, which always draws hundreds of thousands of Cubans and many foreign visitors, also championed the causes of the embattled Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro and expressed eternal support for Fidel and Raul Castro.


“I am Fidel” Photo: Juan Suarez

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7 thoughts on “May Day Cuba 2017 Photos

  • Do you think emagicmtman that they have a porto-potty for the aged dignitaries on the stage, or do they cross their legs. Could do awful things to their prostates. Fidel had the advantage of sanitary bags to deal with his colostomy.

  • Thanks for the fotos, Juan and Elio! Hope to get back for another May Day (last one was 2006, Fidel’s final May Day appearance). Incidentally, judging from one foto, Habana could do with a “Port-o-Potty” franchise!

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