May Day in Cuba, a Different Experience


Photo Feature by Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES – Once again hundreds of thousands of workers from Havana went out to parade at the Plaza of the Revolution on May 1st, International Worker’s Day. In other countries the day is one of demands for wages, benefits, against injustices and for rights, while in Cuba it is reaffirmation in support for the government, the leaders and the Communist Party.

This year, the appointment of Miguel Diaz Canel as president of Cuba has just passed, and according to him, he will serve under the tutelage of outgoing President Raul Castro, still the top leader of the all-powerful Communist Party of Cuba.

There are many reasons to attend the May Day parades that also take place in provincial and municipal capitals of the country. Some go by tradition, even for generations, others to support the government, others for not being marked for not attending and others simply for having fun in a festive atmosphere.

According to the Granma newspaper, “Unity, commitment and victory” was the slogan that brought together thousands of Cubans to celebrate this May Day. The official newspaper of the Communist Party added: “The day was marked by joy and commitment to the Revolution to which all joined who wanted to vibrate in another historic event.”


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  • Joanna Arias: Of course people would run to Miami. That’s what happens when you have a welfare state and open borders. The United States government is forcing US Taxpayers to give Cubans money worth multiple times the salary they made for working in Cuba to just come to America and sit on their ass!!! This is well known! Many come here to collect welfare or retirement benefits; just to turn right around and go back to Cuba to live on the money. Making a mockery of the claim that Cuban immigrants are coming here for political asylum. Google ‘Cuban immigrants welfare’ if you don’t believe me.

  • why so they can escape to trumps shithole?

  • eh, people have that opportunity often and know how dangerous it is. Now that the policy towards Cuban refugees has changed, people realize how hard it is to be in the US. Do you know how many Cubans have returned to the island? Things are rough now but changing too.

  • I wonder how many of those ppl would run to the malecón after hearing. That there are boats picking ppl up to Miami?!?!

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